Greenest City Leadership

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The Greenest City Leadership Award recognizes individuals or groups who enhance or advance the City's Greenest City Action Plan goals.

2017 recipients

Alvin Chan

Individual youth category

Alvin Chan is a Grade 12 student at Gladstone Secondary School who has dedicated an impressive 3,500 hours volunteering in Vancouver. Alvin has been involved in a variety of initiatives that work towards keeping the city green including the Trout Lake Youth Council, the Citywide Youth Council, and the 2020 Youth Ambassador Committee, whose goal is to promote the City of Vancouver’s Greenesst City 2020 Action Plan.

Volunteering with Gladstone’s Community School Team, Alvin helped children aged 6-12 in a “rec and read” program, educating them on the importance of proper recycling and waste management. He says that Vancouver’s Greenest City goals are something that he truly values, and is looking forward to continuing to support and advocate for a cleaner, greener Vancouver. 

Dr. Tara Moreau

Individual category

For Dr. Moreau, leading green initiatives begins with what you practice at home. Since she made the decision to go car-free more than a decade ago, she has added to her sustainability and environmentalism portfolio, which includes her role as associate director at the University of British Columbia’s Botanical Gardens and countless volunteer duties.

From hosting water-wise gardening workshops to managing complex research projects measuring the behavioral impact of ecological education, Dr. Moreau has widely shared her wealth of knowledge which started taking shape when as a child she visited indigenous communities in Central America and Northern Ontario. She is one of Vancouver’s prominent green scene influencers, and lives by what she teaches. She will happily volunteer to lead climate change Earth Day tours for neighbourhood associations, or even sort waste at public events.

Too long to list, Dr. Moreau’s contributions to a greener city and leading by example include:

  • Inviting City of Vancouver staff to present on World Water Day
  • Ssupporting a measured waste audit and research project at UBC’s annual Apple Festival
  • Developing and managing a Farmer Field School for school garden programs which reach more than 5,000 people

Dr. Moreau holds a PhD in plant science from UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems, an MSc in agriculture from Dalhousie University, and a BSc in biology and environmental science from Bishop's University. Besides being a champion of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, she is a co-chair of the Food Policy Council, a member of the Vancouver School Food Network, and a long-standing board member of Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC).

Binners’ Project – Tides Canada

Organization cetegory

At its core, the Binners’ Project provides enhanced legitimacy and safety of the binner community, who are defined as individuals who pick from waste streams, often to collect refundable and otherwise still-useful materials.

This initiative, a project of Tides Canada, sensitizes the public to the opportunities and challenges faced by binners, and provides mechanisms for binners to earn income. The project allows the community to feel an enhanced understanding as well as an increase in empathy towards these marginalized communities within Vancouver. 

Not only does the Binners’ Project bridge the gap between Vancouver’s residents and binners, it also reduces the amount of recyclable materials that end up in our landfills. The project has evolved into an innovative social and economic initiative dedicated to working with and for binners. Today, the Binners’ Project features a core group of binners, a steering committee, and seven staff members and interns.

Previous recipients

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