Healthy City for All


The Healthy City for All Award pays tribute to outstanding leadership by an individual or organization in working towards one or more of the City's 13 goals to achieve a healthy city for everyone.

2017 recipients

Vivian Tsang

Individual youth category

Having been through a period of cyberbullying, Vivian used her experiences as a means for change by creating the Humanitarian Organization for Providing Empowerment (HOPE) which serves as a way to support students facing similar situations. Now in its sixth year, HOPE provides opportunities to engage individuals in their communities, whether at schools or elsewhere in their lives.

HOPE uses an innovative model of mutual aid and interpersonal humanitarianism in order to meet individuals while removing barriers between benefactors and beneficiaries. Under this model, Vivian has created outreach initiatives to residents of the Downtown Eastside, and mentorship programs for students in inner-city schools to help Vancouverites build meaningful relationships and be given the resources to be empowered.

On top of all of this, Vivian coaches students on academic success and wellness as a part of the Science Peer Academic Coaching program on campus. In her free time, she volunteers at Vancouver Coastal Health, conducting one-on-one visits with disabled senior residents.

Dr. Bill MacEwan

Individual category

For those who know him best, Dr. Bill MacEwan could be defined as the catalyst for ensuring even the most socially-isolated community citizens feel they have a chance to live a healthy life. 

As the head of St Paul’s Hospital's psychiatry department, a physician leader in ward 9A (dedicated to concurrent disorders and psychosis), and the current chair of the Medical Advisory Board for the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society, Dr. MacEwan has tremendously supported Vancouver’s most vulnerable population living in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). Much of his clinical outreach efforts focus on developing a collaborative, humanistic, and compassionate approach to care for those who are socially marginalized. He has worked tirelessly to help them reintegrate back into mainstream society through the cultivation of connections.

Resulting from these efforts, Dr. MacEwan and those who work on the teams he leads have witnessed important changes within Vancouver’s care system, including a smoother collaboration among various DTES programs such as the Inner-City Youth Mental Health Program, the Psychiatric Outreach Program, and the Downtown Community Court (DCC).

Dr. MacEwan has received multiple awards including the Award for Excellence in Community Practice Teaching from UBC in 2012, and the Psychiatry Residents Association Annual Award in 2014 for teaching clinicians how to serve people in DTES.

Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre

Organization category

Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre’s extensive list of programs aim to reach out to vulnerable and isolated community members, linking them to various community services such as shelters, food banks, mental health support, and other government and community agencies. They believe that community engagement and proactive, meaningful citizen participation is key to a safe and healthy community.

All the centre’s initiatives – including removing graffiti, locating stolen vehicles, attending block parties, problem-solving chronic community complaints, and sharing information with the police – are designed for community members to actively get involved in. 

More than 740 core volunteers put in 103,350 hours of volunteer service, helping Hastings-Sunrise thrive. Their efforts provide integrated, comprehensive community policing services and social opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

Previous recipients

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