People sitting at tables on an outdoor patio

City welcomes return of patios ahead of busy spring and summer season

April 4 2023 –

Vancouver’s Summer Patio Program launched on April 1st marking the return of sidewalk and curbside patios across the city. At this time, nearly 130 summer patio permits have already been issued and we expect many more applications to come in as warmer weather returns. Summer patios join a growing network of over 160 large sidewalk patios that operate year-round.

"As we kick off another patio season in Vancouver, we celebrate not only the warmer weather and the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful city outdoors but also the economic benefits that patios bring to our local businesses”, says Mayor Ken Sim. “Patios are an integral part of the Vancouver we are working to build: a vibrant, livable city that supports local entrepreneurs and encourages community connection. I’m excited to see another summer of Vancouver’s thriving patio culture, and the many ways it enriches both our local economy and quality of life."

Since re-thinking, simplifying, and expanding our patio program during the COVID-19 pandemic, patios have become an integral part of Vancouver’s food industry and outdoor culture.  

“The start of patio season is always an exciting milestone for us because it signals the collective shift towards spending more time outdoors and in public spaces,” says Lisa Parker, Director of Public Space and Street Use. “Our team is committed to fostering a vibrant public life and supporting community oriented public spaces through special events, plazas, and patios. Staff have been working to simplify the patio application and renewal processes, and we are thankful for our ongoing partnerships with the hospitality industry, BIAs, and businesses as we work together to kick off a successful patio season.”

As summer curbside patios begin to operate all across Vancouver, residents may notice some changes to streets, as concrete barriers and tapers are installed to ensure patios and patrons are safe from vehicle traffic. 

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