Photo of False Creek and Granville Bridge from underneath the bridge

City confirms Granville Street Bridge does not pose safety risk to the public

February 20 2024 –

The City of Vancouver is sharing the below statement in response to recent media reports regarding a Notice of Civil Claim related to the Granville Street Bridge:

“The City would like to assure the public that the Granville Street Bridge does not pose any structural safety risks to the public. Public safety remains the City's highest priority. 

The City’s Notice of Civil Claim that recently was filed noted the concept of the bridge posing a 'real and substantial danger' to the public, which the City acknowledges without context has raised concerns. This language is a legal requirement for the claim. The defective work outlined in the civil claim does not pose an immediate risk to the public. 

The work in question is unrelated to the ongoing Granville Bridge projects including Granville Connector transportation upgrades or Granville Upgrades structural repairs and recoating project. For updates as it relates to the Granville Connector transportation upgrades, visit:

The Granville Bridge was built in 1954. The City conducts regular inspections, maintenance and repair works to ensure public safety.”