Granville Connector

We're building the first phase of the Granville Connector with the installation of new pedestrian and cyclist connections across the Granville Bridge. We're also removing the north Granville loops to create a standard street grid layout.

This work will transform the way we use the bridge by creating safer, more convenient access to active transportation and transit while enabling future improvements.

What's happeningThe Granville Connector transportation upgrades are underway: Plan ahead and expect delays in the area

Bridge deck work

Speed has been reduced to 30 km per hour to safely accommodate construction on the bridge deck. Currently, a minimum of 2 lanes of traffic are retained in each direction. Watch for signage and detours as work progresses.

North loops closure

The east and west loops are now closed with vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists using Granville Street or the Howe Street and Seymour Street ramps on the north end to travel in and out of downtown.

Overnight work - now complete

Thank you for your patience while we completed this critical work.



Granville Bridge


Winter 2023 to fall 2024

Work hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours to 8pm as needed


How this construction may affect you

Construction will have no impact on marine navigation in False Creek. For more information, review the Canadian Navigable Waters Act public notice  (160 KB).

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Recommended long-term design

West Side Plus

By City of Vancouver


  • Looking north

    By City of Vancouver

  • North end

    By City of Vancouver

  • South end

    By City of Vancouver

  • West side

    By City of Vancouver

  • Recommended design

    By City of Vancouver

Timeline and milestones

The timeline is subject to change based on input and direction by Council.

  • October 31, 2012

    Transportation 2040 approved

    Council approves proposal for improved walking and cycling facilities on Granville Bridge as part of Transportation 2040 Plan

  • January 30, 2019

    Council approval

    Council approves moving forward with public engagement to inform additional design options as part of improvements along Granville Bridge

  • April 2019

    Phase 1

    Public consultation launches to inform the design of a new path along Granville Bridge. We asked for feedback on our draft goals, how you use the bridge today, as well as hopes, concerns, and ideas about the project.

  • September 2019

    Phase 2

    City launches the second phase of public engagement. We asked for feedback on 6 design options that reflect the feedback from phase 1.

  • Early 2020

    Phase 3

    Based on Phase 2 input, the recommended 'West Side +' design was shared to gauge support, and for additional input for further refinements

  • September 2020

    Council decision

    Final recommendations presented to Council, and Council votes to endorse the long-term concept and approves moving forward with an interim design as part of this Capital Plan

  • Late 2021

    Final design

    Work with consulting team to finalize project's design and construction planning

  • We are here
  • Early 2023

    Construction begins on interim design

  • To be determined

    Long-term design implementation

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