Man riding a bike on 10th Avenue near Heather Street while a panel van drives past in the opposite direction. Ahead of him, two more people are cycling and there's a parked car.

10th Avenue Corridor Project

Over 500,000 people cycle on 10th Avenue every year, making it one of the busiest east-west bikeways in the Vancouver cycling network. We are working to improve the corridor by making it more convenient, safe, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to walk and cycle.

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The 10th Avenue local street bikeway extends from Trafalgar Street to Victoria Drive, linking many key destinations such as Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and Commercial Drive. It also intersects some busy north-south cycling routes such as the Ontario Bikeway.

This project aims to:

  • Improve safety for everyone, especially vulnerable road users and at busy intersections
  • Accommodate the loading and access needs of adjacent businesses and institutions
  • Consider impacts to transit, traffic flow, and neighbourhood livability

What's happening

Commercial Dr to Victoria Dr segment

Interim improvements to 10th Ave from Commercial Dr to Victoria Dr are finalized and construction will begin in early April 2019.

If you have questions or comments, please contact or call 3-1-1.


Learn about the challenges of each priority area: click or tap on the numbered areas on the map.

Health Precinct (Oak to Cambie)

Status: Construction
Fall 2017 – summer 2018

10th Ave between Oak and Cambie serves as a critical access point for Vancouver General Hospital and other health institutions, including emergency room access.

It is also a busy walking street and the second busiest local street bikeway in the city. Over recent years, the experience for all users of 10th Ave has declined as the street has gotten busier with more people walking, cycling, and driving in the area.

The focus of the work in Health Precinct is on patients, including safety for vulnerable pedestrians who may have one or more disabilities, access for people with mobility or vision issues, and ensuring ER access is improved.  

Key issues and timeline for the Health Precinct

Quebec to Guelph

Status: Consultation

We presented the proposed designs (6.9 MB) for improvements between Quebec St and Guelph St in November 2016. We received comments by businesses and residents in the neighbourhood. 

Based on feedback, we updated the design – mostly between Kingsway and Guelph – and presented it again in June 2017. We're reviewing the feedback to see if we need to make more changes.

Key objectives, what we heard, and next steps for Quebec St to Geulph St

Commercial to Victoria

Status: Consultation

We presented the proposed designs (6.7 MB) for interim improvements between Commercial Dr and Victoria Dr in November 2016.

We received comments by businesses and residents in the neighbourhood, and based on feedback, minor refinements are being made to the interim design.

Key objectives, what we heard, and next steps for Commercial Dr to Victoria Dr

Other segments of 10th Avenue Corridor

Improvements to other segments of the 10th Ave Corridor will be considered under the City’s Cycling Spot Improvement Program.

Residents and businesses will be invited to provide feedback in localized spot improvements, which is planned to begin after 2019. 

How this project links to Transportation 2040

Improving the 10th Avenue Corridor was approved in principle as part of the Transportation 2040 plan that Council adopted in 2012.

Completing this project will help us towards these Transportation 2040 directions: 

  1. Increase green transportation so that at least two-thirds of all trips on foot, bike, or transit by 2040
  2. Make walking and cycling safe, convenient, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities
  3. Manage the road network efficiently for all road users

Past updates

Consultation process and documents

Read about our consultation process to upgrade the 10th Avenue Corridor, view open house displays, and read the Council report  (11.46 MB) that includes the final recommended design from Oak St to Cambie St.

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