Quebec St to Guelph St

We presented the proposed designs for improvements between Quebec St and Guelph St in November 2016. We received comments by businesses and residents in the neighbourhood.

We refined the design (mostly between Kingsway and Guelph St) and presented it to the public in June 2017 for further comments. We're reviewing the comments to see if further work is needed.

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Key objectives

  • Upgrade 10th Ave so it is safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Improve comfort and accessibility for people on foot.
  • Accommodate the loading and access needs of adjacent businesses.
  • Preserve as much of the street’s healthy and mature tree canopy as possible.
  • Ensure adjacent residents can continue to park within a reasonable walking distance of home.

What we heard

There was strong support for several aspects of the initial design. However, a number of issues were raised, including concerns:

  • On impacts to vehicle access and circulation for residents living southeast of the Kingsgate Mall
  • Around the need for two-way vehicle access to/from the lane on the south side of 10th Ave between Kingsway and Prince Edward St
  • On impacts to access and circulation on E 11th Ave between Prince Edward and Kingsway, and on 10th Ave between Prince Edward Stand Guelph St

Next steps

The feedback received will help us refine the recommended design before we move forward with implementation.

Construction of the recommended improvements is planned to begin in 2018.