Commercial Dr to Victoria Dr

We presented the proposed designs for interim improvements between Commercial Dr and Victoria Dr in November 2016.

We received comments businesses and residents in the neighbourhood, and based on feedback minor refinements are being made to the interim design.

Key Objectives

  • Improve comfort and accessibility for people on foot
  • Upgrade 10th Ave so that it is safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities
  • Accommodate the loading and access needs of adjacent businesses, health services, and the SkyTrain station
  • Preserve as much of the street’s healthy and mature tree canopy as possible
  • Ensure adjacent residents can continue to park within a reasonable walking distance from home

Summary of updated design

  • New signal at Victoria St and 10th Ave
  • New crosswalk in front of Commercial-Broadway Station
  • New protected bike lane on south side of street (bi-directional)
  • 10th Ave be converted to one-way westbound between Victoria and Commercial Dr, except for bikes
  • New passenger zone on 10th Ave in front of the Commercial-Broadway Station
  • Residential permit parking spaces removed from 10th Ave
  • Temporary removal of meter parking and a passenger zone from 10th Ave near Commercial Dr 
  • Traffic diverters at Commercial Dr

What we heard

  • Recommendations for further improvements to increase access of people biking to the SkyTrain station and future bike parking
  • Concerns about the removal of the passenger zone in front of the 1750 E 10th Ave negatively impacting services

What changed since Phase 3

  • Create a mid-block crossing for people walking and biking on 10th Ave in front of the Commercial-Broadway station to formalize a popular mid-block pedestrian crossing, and provide access to/from protected bike lanes and bike parking at the station
  • Working with stakeholders at the East Van Medical Centre to provide passenger loading on-site and improve vehicle egress.

Next steps

Construction of the interim improvements is anticipated to begin late 2018.

Longer term solutions for improvement to 10th Ave between Commercial Dr and Victoria Dr will be identified through redevelopment opportunities within the area.

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