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R4: 41st Ave RapidBus

As part of the 10-year Vision for transportation in the Metro Vancouver region , we’re partnering with TransLink to facilitate a new RapidBus bus service along 41st Ave from Joyce-Collingwood Station to UBC.

41st Ave is a key east-west arterial and the second busiest transit corridor in the region after Broadway. Once in service, the new RapidBus will have the capacity to move up to 4,400 people per hour during rush hour, connecting to the Expo Line, the Canada Line, Oakridge Centre, Kerrisdale, and UBC.

Our role

We've partnered with TransLink to identify and implement changes. With limited street space, the changes aim to give buses priority while balancing various, localized needs along the corridor.

These changes include:

  • Implementing bus priority lanes
  • Parking removal and restrictions along sections of the corridor when travel capacity is needed most
  • Installing left and right turn bays at key intersections

TransLink’s RapidBus supports the our Congestion Management Strategy (1 MB) to ensure a smart and efficient transportation system.

See an overview of changes along 41st Ave (129 KB)

TransLink's role

TransLink is launching three new rapid-service RapidBus routes in Metro Vancouver, including the R4: 41st Ave RapidBus.

Passengers on the 41 and 43 bus routes, which travel along 41st Ave, take 35,000 trips along this corridor every weekday and more than 11 million per year.

Learn more about TransLink’s service improvements, consultation, and how data was collected

Benefits of bus priority lanes for transit users

  • Reduced transit journey times
  • Increased reliability

What's happening

We've started construction to implement changes to the street along key sections of 41st Ave, including:

  • New parking restrictions
  • New left and right turn bays
  • New road markings
  • New and extended concrete pads for bus stops
  • Paving

Construction to facilitate TransLink’s R4: 41st Ave RapidBus will be complete in late summer 2019.

Changes to your local area

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