Arbutus Greenway

Arbutus Greenway: character zones

By City of Vancouver

View sketches of each character zone

  • Zone 1

    By City of Vancouver

    Community gardens are a big part of the experience in this zone, while local parks provide a place a place to pause, relax, and play.

  • Zone 2

    By City of Vancouver

    Named after the distinctive interurban power poles in this area, zone 2 provides a series of garden rooms for seating, public art, and native planting.

  • Zone 3

    By City of Vancouver

    This area is defined by landscaped nooks for people to sit, relax, and enjoy the views to English Bay and the mountains.

  • Zone 4

    By City of Vancouver

    The design for this zone adds more landscaping to the existing tree canopy to create a Pacific Northwest forest-like experience. Lookout points celebrate views of the North Shore mountains.

  • Zone 5

    By City of Vancouver

    are a variety of seating area and informal landscaped areas.are a variety of seating area and informal landscaped areas.

  • Zone 6

    By City of Vancouver

    This zone celebrates the existing Victory Gardens on the eastside of the greenway, using wildflowers and native plantings to enhance biodiversity.

  • Zone 7

    By City of Vancouver

    Zone 7 features a variety of recreational opportunities, such as giant chess, ping pong, and bocce, and includes a small community gathering area at West 60th Ave.

  • Zone 8

    By City of Vancouver

    A fully-accessible lookout tower with views to the Fraser River Delta and Vancouver Internation Airport is the major feature in this zone.

The Arbutus Greenway will be a defining element of Vancouver’s urban landscape as a vibrant and beautiful public space for walking, cycling, and streetcar.

The Arbutus Greenway is a future, north-south transportation corridor that will connect people, parks, and places from False Creek to the Fraser River.

It will reimagine a historic rail corridor and will provide a high-quality, accessible public space for walking, cycling, and rolling. It will be a destination that fosters both movement and rich social interaction – inspired by nature and the stories of the places it connects.

We have built a temporary path while we plan and design the future Arbutus Greenway. Come enjoy the space and explore the corridor!

What's happening

Arbutus Corridor Official Development Plan amendments

We have determined that the area between West 1st Ave and West 5th Ave  is not required for future greenway purposes. Therefore, we are recommending:

The proposed changes are supported by the Arbutus Greenway Design Vision  (28 MB), which shows proposed greenway extension routes to False Creek and Granville Island. The Design Vision was approved by Council on July 11, 2018. 

The changes are also supported by the Arbutus Greenway purchase agreement  (5.6 MB). In this agreement, the above-noted extensions are referred to as the “Option Lands.” If these lands are rezoned, Canadian Pacific Rail has the option to repurchase these lands from the City of Vancouver.

Amending these bylaws will not change the current zoning. 

Read the July 24, 2018 Policy Report  (1 MB).

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A public hearing is scheduled in September. Request to speak at the meeting starting at 8:30am, Friday, August 24, 2018.

For questions about the proposed ODP amendments, email

Implementation Strategy

The greenway will be constructed in phases to accommodate funding strategies and changing circumstances. The implementation strategy  (1.5 MB) guides the phased construction. Subject to funding, the first phase of construction (2019-2022) could include:

  • Construction of a new southern extension to Hudson St Park on the Fraser River
  • Construction of a northern extension to False Creek and the seawall via Pine St and West 1st Ave
  • Detailed design and construction of Zone 3, from West 16th Ave to King Edward Ave
  • Detailed design and construction of Zone 8, from Southwest Marine Dr to Milton St
  • Short-term spot improvements to enhance safety and comfort
  • Collaboration between City and Park Board staff on greenway integration with parks

Construction could begin in 2019, subject to availability of funding.

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