City greenways: Improving connections across Vancouver

Central Valley Greenway is part of the city greenway network.

The City is working towards the goal of ensuring there is a city greenway no more than a 25-minute walk or a 10-minute bike ride from every residence in Vancouver.

Once the city greenway network is complete, together its 17 routes will be about 140 km long. 

While greenways are generally evenly distributed throughout the city, routes are concentrated in areas with greater population density and a higher number of destinations, such as the downtown peninsula.

Benefits of city greenways

City greenways:

  • Expand the opportunities for urban recreation
  • Encourage people to travel by foot and by bike
  • Enhance the experience of nature and city life

City greenways in progress

Arbutus Greenway

When complete, the Arbutus Greenway will enable you to walk or cycle continuously from Marpole in South Vancouver to False Creek.

Central Valley

The Central Valley Greenway is a 25 km regional greenway linking important regional destinations in Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster.


The Comox-Helmcken Greenway provides an important east-west connection through Downtown from False Creek to Stanley Park. It is being developed in two phases.

North Arm Trail

The North Arm Trail will link pedestrians and cyclists with parks, schools, and local shopping areas and provides efficient bike travel to regional destinations in Vancouver and Burnaby. This 8 KM Greenway/Bikeway will also connects major bus routes, five bike routes, and four greenways.

North False Creek Seawall

We're planning improvements to the Seawall on the north side of False Creek from Burrard Bridge to Granville Bridge.

Seaside Greenway Completion and York Bikeway

The Seaside Greenway Completion and York Bikeway provide a safe, convenient, and comfortable walking and cycling connection between Burrard Bridge and Jericho Beach.


The Ridgeway Greenway is almost complete, with only a small section of it still under review. Learn more about the progress being made on this initiative.

South False Creek Seawall Improvements

The City and Park Board are improving conditions for people walking and cycling along the Seawall between Cambie and Burrard bridges.

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