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People cycling on the protected bike lane near Point Grey Road at Macdonald Street

Seaside Greenway Completion and York Bikeway

We are working to:

  1. Improve walking and cycling routes between Jericho Beach Park and Burrard Bridge
  2. Complete the Seaside Greenway to create safe and comfortable connections

Once complete, you will be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable 28-km walking and cycling route that begins at the Vancouver Convention Centre and ends at Spanish Banks Park.

Phase 2

By completing the last 2 km of the greenway we will:

  • Improve walking conditions and connections to waterfront parks along Point Grey Road
  • Enhance the public realm and expand green space
  • Coordinate construction with sewer and water main upgrades
  • Improve safety by reducing potential conflicts between people exiting their driveways and people walking along the greenway

View the final designs

What to expect

Sidewalks, intersections, and bike lanes

  • North sidewalks will be widened to 3 m. Boulevards (between the street and sidewalk) will be 1.4 – 2.7 m wide. Back boulevards (between the sidewalk and residences) will be at least 1.2 m wide. Boulevards will provide for improved sight lines between people walking and driving.
  • North sidewalks will be made flat (without driveway letdowns) to improve accessibility for people with physical constraints.
  • South sidewalks won't change.
  • Three intersections will have raised crosswalks to improve accessibility.
  • Protected bike lanes won't be added. People will ride in the road like on other residential bike routes.


  • Some trees will be removed to free up space for widened sidewalks and to accommodate construction activities.
  • Up to 40 additional trees will be planted as part of the project to enhance green space and help us make progress on Urban Forest Strategy targets.

Parking and road width

  • Parking will be maintained on the south side of Point Grey Road.
  • Point Grey Road will have a consistent width from Tatlow Park to Alma Street.

Learn about construction work

Point Grey Road Seaside Greenway completion and water/sewer construction

We are making public realm improvements and widening the sidewalk for the final phase of the Seaside Greenway along Point Grey Road.

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Council approves the completion of the Seaside Greenway

May 4, 2016 - Vancouver City Council approved public realm improvements to the Seaside Greenway between Alma and Macdonald Streets to improve safety and comfort for people walking and expand public green space. The project includes widening of the sidewalk, new or improved treed boulevards, and public realm improvements.

Staff to recommend final design at May 4 Council meeting

April 28, 2016 - The manager of transportation planning will present the final design recommendation for Point Grey Road improvements to Council at the 9:30am Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities meeting on May 4, 2016.

Read the staff report PDF file (6.3 MB)

February 29, 2016 - We have refined the public realm and sidewalk design along Point Grey Road between Alma Street and Tatlow Park, and refinements to the cul-de-sacs between Blenheim and Trutch Streets. The newsletter and boards below contain information about the final recommended public realm and sidewalk improvements on the north side of Point Grey Road. We invite you to view the newsletter and board below which detail the recommendations:

Submit your comments to pointgrey.cornwall@vancouver.ca by March 13, 2016.

Newsletter: Neighbourhood traffic plan

December 10, 2015 – In June 2015, we presented three neighbourhood traffic plan options for the neighbourhood north of West 4th Avenue, and two public realm and sidewalk options along Point Grey Road. The newsletter below contains information about the final recommended neighbourhood traffic plan and planned improvements to the traffic signals on West 4th Avenue between Macdonald Street and Bayswater Street.

Read the newsletter PDF file (1.3 MB)

Infographic: People cycling on the Seaside Greenway

August 7, 2015 – Hundreds of thousands of people cycle on the Seaside Greenway each year.

Questionnaire: What do you think about the wider sidewalk and traffic plan designs?

July 6, 2015 – Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire. We're now analyzing the feedback we received.

June 18, 2015 – Can't make it to the open houses? Share your thoughts in our online questionnaire. The questionnaire closes on July 4.

June 18 and 20 open houses: Learn about the wider sidewalk and traffic plan designs

June 8, 2015 – We're working to improve the walking connection between Macdonald St and Alma St, and to finalize a neighbourhood traffic management plan for the local area south of Point Grey Road.

In addition to continuing to collect and analyze information, we are seeking your input on wider sidewalk designs on the north side of Point Grey Road, and on traffic plan options.

Drop by an open house to discuss the designs with our project team, give your feedback, and ask us questions. Come by anytime during the event.

Date: Thursday, June 18, 4:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Bayview Elementary School Gym, 2251 Collingwood Street

Date: Saturday, June 20, 12:00 noon – 6:00pm
Location: Point Grey Road (between Blenheim Street and Trutch Street). In the event of rain, this will take place at Bayview Elementary School. For day-of updates, visit facebook.com/bikevancouver .

Spring 2014

Construction on the first phase of the Seaside Greenway and York Bikeway project is now complete.

Learn about the new traffic pattern on York Avenue  (380 KB)

Staff changed several signals on West 4th Avenue between Bayswater and Alma streets to make it easier for drivers turning left onto 4th Avenue.

Learn about the traffic signal changes  (160 KB)

More on-street parking spaces were added next to Margaret Pigott Park and the park at Trafalgar Street. The parking spaces are located within the street right of way to preserve and not on park land. These changes are in response to requests staff received from the residents, Seniors Advisory Committee, and Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee for additional parking in the neighbourhood and next to parks.

January 2014

On January 18, work began to convert Point Grey Road to a local street by closing it at Macdonald to vehicular through-traffic and building the greenway between Trafalgar and Macdonald to make it more suitable for walking and cycling.

October 2013

Construction started on the Seaside Greenway Completion and York Bikeway Project with work happening at 4th Avenue/Macdonald, 3rd Avenue/Macdonald, and 3rd Avenue/Bayswater.

July 2013

Staff reported to City Council with a recommended final design and cost estimate based on what was heard through both phases of public consultation, data analysis, and technical transportation review. Council approved the Seaside Greenway Completion and York Bikeway Project on July 29, 2013.

Council also approved recommended improvements to the south end of the Burrard Bridge on July 24, 2013, to:

  • Address a cycling collision hotspot by reducing speed and volumes between Burrard and Cypress Streets
  • Help transfer traffic volumes to nearby existing routes and reduce volumes along Cornwall Avenue and  Point Grey Road where walking and cycling volumes are expected to increase
  • Decrease the travel time for pedestrians and cyclists through the intersection by reducing the maximum number of crossings
  • Reduce the footprint of the intersection and provide additional land that could be used for other City initiatives

The Director of Transportation presented the final design for Phase 1 of the Point Grey Cornwall Active Transportation Corridor to Council on July 23, 2013.

May 2013

Staff held three public open houses in late May to present design options, trade-offs, and impacts, and gather feedback.

Between May and July, staff met with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders to discuss the design proposals and gather more feedback.

April 2013

Staff developed feasible design options and trade-offs for each option, using the following:

  • Existing policy context
  • Project goals
  • Data analysis
  • Technical transportation considerations
  • Input from the first phase of public consultation

Staff reviewed how to manage any potential impacts to local residents and businesses.

Staff published a summary of consultation between January 2 and February 28, 2013. It includes the project context and goals, consultation methods, consultation summary and next steps.

Read the report  (306 KB)

January to March 2013

Staff held three public open houses in late January and early February 2013, and carried out further analysis to develop plans for the Point Grey Road - Cornwall Avenue active transportation corridor.

December 2012

Staff collected and analyzed transportation data and identified routing options. Background information and concepts would be presented at upcoming open houses.

View the project background, key data, route selection and next steps  (6.5 MB)

Public engagement

June 2015 open house information displays

  • Welcome, key to boards, and introduction  (3 MB)
    • Backgound
    • Background continued
    • Phase 2 work
    • Project timeline
    • Next steps
  • Improved walking  (25 MB)
    • Improved walking
    • Limits of work
    • Alma to Waterloo - sections
    • Alma to Waterloo - Plans
    • Waterloo to Balaclava - sections
    • Waterloo to Balaclava - plans
    • Balaclava to Tatlow Park - sections
    • Balaclava to Tatlow Park - plans
  • Neighbourhood traffic  (5 MB)
    • Proposed cul-de-sacs
    • Neighbourhood traffic
    • Approved measures and alternative option A
    • Alternative options B and C
    • West 4th Avenue signal options

May 2013 open house information displays

January 2013 open house information displays

Consultation summary reports

Newsletters and notification letters

Reports and documents

Council reports

Recommended design and images

ICBC documents

For crashes at specific locations or corridors outlined on our crash maps, ICBC typically excludes crashes involving parked vehicles or those which occurred in parking lots. This is because ICBC cannot systematically separate crashes that occurred in or at a residence, parking lot, or those that involved vehicles attempting to parallel park on the road, from those that occurred on the road. Consequently, this excludes crashes between bicycles and parked car doors as well as between bicycles and vehicles in the process of parking.

If we do include crashes that involved parked vehicles or those occurring in parking lots, we can confirm that there were five incidents involving cyclists  on Point Grey Road (from Trafalgar St to Jericho Park) between 2008-2012, and 46 incidents involving cyclists on Cornwall Avenue (from Burrard St to Trafalgar St) from 2008-2012. In total, 33 of these 51 incidents are included in ICBC’s online crash maps.

These numbers do not include incidents where the cyclist did not make a claim with ICBC, hit and run incidents, and those caused by a vehicle avoiding a cyclist (where there was no actual contact with the cyclist or bicycle).


Reference documents

Work leading up to this project

Staff will review and consider the following plans while developing a plan for the Seaside Greenway Completion.

  • Transportation 2040 Plan (2012)
    Supports a network of walking and cycling routes that feel safe, convenient, comfortable and fun for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Transportation Plan (1997)
    Walking and cycling is identified as the City’s two highest transportation priorities.

  • Vancouver Greenways Plan (1995)
    The Seaside Greenway is identified as incomplete. There is a gap between Kitsilano Beach Park and Jericho Beach Park.

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