14th Avenue and Alder Street bike routes

We're improving the cycling network around the Health Precinct as part of the 10th Avenue Corridor Project.

Improvements include:

  • A new local street bike route on West 14th Avenue from Ontario to Alder streets
  • An interim local street bike route on Alder Street from West 7th to West 14th avenues

The new routes will be a convenient alternative for people cycling to locations past the 10th Avenue Health Precinct. They'll also provide detour options while we make safety improvements to 10th Avenue between Oak and Cambie streets, expected to start in September 2017.

What's happening?

We're improving the bike routes in fall 2017. We'll monitor bike and vehicle volumes to see if further changes are needed.

14th Ave bike route

This east-west bike route will run parallel to 10th Ave and link to the existing Ontario St and Heather St bike routes, and the new interim Alder St connector.

What's changing

  • Lower the speed limit to 30 km/h from Alder St to Ontario St
  • Add bike route wayfinding signs
  • Convert the two-way stop at Willow St and 14th Ave to a four-way stop


14th Ave is already a popular route for people cycling through the Fairview area because it's mostly flat, has low vehicle traffic, and connects most of the city.

Alder St bike route (interim)

This interim north-south bike route will let people cycling east on 10th Ave bypass the Health Precinct. It'll also temporarily fill a gap in our bike network. The route will link the new 14th Ave route to the existing 7th Ave (Off-Broadway) and 10th Ave routes.

What's changing

  • Lower the speed limit to 30 km/h from 7th Ave to 14th Ave
  • Add bike route wayfinding signs
  • Rotate the two-way stops to an east-west direction at both 11th Ave and 13th Ave


Alder St currently has existing crossings with traffic signals at 12th Ave and Broadway. Vehicle volumes and speeds are lower on Alder St than on Hemlock St.

Our long-term goals

  • Engage with nearby businesses and residents to find a permanent location for a north-south bike route connection between 7th Ave and 14th Ave
  • Engage with nearby businesses and residents for potential future upgrades to the 14th Ave route 
  • Improve the 7th Ave (Off-Broadway) bike route