Kitsilano outdoor Pool

Kits Pool to reopen this summer pending cooperative weather

June 20 2022 –

The Park Board has put a plan in place to reopen Kitsilano Outdoor Pool — one of Vancouver’s most iconic summer destinations — in time for the August long weekend. 

In April, we announced Kits Pool would not reopen in time for the May long weekend,  due to damages sustained during the king tide storm on January 7, 2022. The storm caused major issues in the pool basin, chambers, and adjacent seawall. Early inspections by engineers showed substantial cracks, movement of cement slabs, and gaps in the expansion joints, which led to concerns about whether or not there were voids under the pool tanks.

Next steps

Following an extensive assessment, staff have confirmed the pool’s structural integrity has not been compromised, and the pool can be safely refilled once the cracks on its concrete surface are sealed. For the sealant to cure properly, the weather needs to be consistently dry for one week. From there, crews will need approximately two additional weeks to fill the pool, treat and heat the water, and prepare it for opening day. 

If all goes to plan, Kits Pool will reopen from Saturday, July 30 to Monday, September 5, and long-term assessments and repairs will be undertaken in the off-season. These more in-depth repairs will be to rejuvenate the pool’s structure back to what it was before the storm and could include more extensive maintenance for the deeper cracks that went through the entire thickness of the pool, which will be chipped out for the addition of new rebar. 

Planning for climate resilience

The Park Board is continuing to work with the City, other levels of government, and the Nations to improve climate resilience in the long term.

Planning for this is underway, such as through the West End Waterfront Master Plan and Kitsilano Beach Renewal Plan, to explore different design solutions.

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