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Less than 10 days to election day

We are delighted to see many voters taking advantage of voting in advance and we are thankful for the time people are taking to participate in this election.

Chief Election Officer Rosemary Hagiwara

October 7 2022 –

There are less than ten days left to vote in the 2022 Vancouver election, with advance voting having started on October 1. Election day is October 15, 2022.

On Saturday, October 1 and Wednesday, October 5, 17,880 total ballots were cast in advance polls: 7,380 and 10,500 respectively. 9,624 vote by mail packages have been issued so far.

Over the coming long weekend, as Vancouver voters gather with friends and family, we encourage them to make a voting plan, or even go to any of Vancouver’s 22 advance voting places together”, says Chief Election Officer Rosemary Hagiwara.

Voting in advance

There are three more days to vote in advance to avoid line ups:

  • Saturday, October 8
  • Tuesday, October 11
  • Thursday, October 13

This year, there are more voting places to choose from. Voting places are open from 8am to 8pm. There are fewer lineups in the morning.

Find a voting place

Kids Vote (October 1 and 8 only), the assistive ballot marking device (available at Trout Lake and Roundhouse Community Centres only), and American Sign Language on video demand will be available on advance voting days only.

Vote by mail

Voters who requested a vote by mail package should check their mail for their package. As per the Election By-law, the Election Office began mailing out vote by mail packages on September 27 and voters should allow a few business days to receive their package.

Voters can still request to vote by mail, but must pick up their package. The last day to request a vote by mail package for pick up at the Election Office is on Tuesday, October 11 at 5pm. Voters need to pick up their package by Friday, October 14 at noon.

Voters are asked to follow instructions directly from their package and to mail back their ballot (free return postage) or drop off at a designated drop box. Ballots received after 8pm on Saturday, October 15, will not be counted.

Apply to vote by mail

Homebound voting

This year, we are offering the pilot homebound voting program to 100 voters who cannot go to a voting place, vote by mail, or vote independently due to a disability, illness or other constraints. Two election officials will visit your home and assist you with the voting process while maintaining the confidentiality of your choices.

The deadline to apply for this program is on October 11. Voters who qualify for the homebound voting program can apply online or call 3-1-1.

Apply for Homebound voting

Voting on election day

Vancouver voters who choose to vote on October 15 may vote at any of the 82 voting places city-wide. Voting places are open from 8am to 8pm. Find a voting place nearest you

Voter information card

If you are already on the voters list  you should have received a voter information card. Cards are issued per voter, and are packaged together for everyone in the same home with the same last name.

You do not need a voter information card to vote. For more information on registration, including change of names and addresses, examples of acceptable ID, and registration for voters with no fixed address, review our Voters Guide.

Voters’ Guides

We have prepared a Voters’ Guide and a Plan Your Vote tool, to help you make a plan.

Printed Voters' Guide

Available at community centres, libraries, and other public centres.

The guides include basic election information that have been translated to:

 The guide also includes candidate profiles (English only).

For more information visit the 2022 election website or call 3-1-1.