The 2018 city election made easy

Be prepared for the random order ballot. Choose candidates, answer Capital Plan borrowing questions, and pick where and when to vote - all with Plan Your Vote.

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  • 1Browse candidates for mayor, councillor, Park Board commissioner, and school trustee, then add your favourites to your plan.
  • 2Answer 3 Capital Plan borrowing questions about whether the City can borrow money to help pay for certain projects.
  • 3Choose from 9 voting days and over 100 locations to fit your schedule.
  • 4Email your plan and add voting day details to your calendar. Your plan will show your chosen candidates in the order you’ll find them on your ballot.
Your voter tool consists of four steps: Step 1 Your candidate selections Step 2Your Capital Plan borrowing answers Step 3 Your voting day and location details Step 4 Your voting checklist

No personal information is needed. We don’t save or share your plan.

Start planning!

 It's private and confidential

This election tool is only intended to help you plan your vote. By using it, you are not actually casting a vote. You still need to go to the voting location on election day to vote in person.

The views expressed in the candidates' profiles are the views of the candidates, and they are not endorsed by the City of Vancouver. The profiles are reproduced verbatim as submitted by the candidates and the content has not been altered in any way by the City.

For details on voter registration, identification, and more,
visit full election site