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Workers digging through a First Nations midden (archaeological site) to build road through Stanley Park in 1888

Jul 24Park Board approves landmark colonial audit

The Park Board approved a report outlining its own colonial roots and the ways colonialism has been embedded in its structure and policies since 1888.

Produce at farmers market

Jul 19Vancouver’s 5,000 neighbourhood food initiatives add to a growing local food system

The City has exceeded its local food target with the creation of more than 5,000 food projects, two years earlier than expected.

Soccer goalie

Jul 18Record setting attendance for major sporting events

Vancouver attendance continues to rise for major sports events with record-setting attendance at events in 2017-2018.

modular housing interior

Jul 17155 temporary modular homes filled with people previously experiencing homelessness

Vancouver’s new temporary modular housing program has provided much needed safe and stable housing. As of July 16, 155 people experiencing homelessness have moved into new homes.

Corpse flower

Jul 16“Uncle Fester” corpse flower now in full and fetid bloom at Bloedel Conservatory

A putrid spectacle is now underway at Bloedel Conservatory where the Park Board’s rare titan arum or corpse flower is now in full bloom.

Pay Vancouver parking meters using your smartphone.

Jul 16New PayByPhone feature allows residents to park until the next day and get home safely with the Nightbus

A new “Park Until” feature on the PayByPhone app allows users to leave their car overnight at the meter and pay in advance for parking the next morning.

City Hall with caption Vancouver Votes

Jul 16Nomination packages available for citizens running in the 2018 municipal election

Running for office? Fill out your nomination package and get started on becoming a candidate in the October city election.

City Hall's 12th Avenue entrance

Jul 11Utilities required to accommodate growth to be paid through new fee on development

City Council approved a new funding mechanism to ensure that sewer, water, and drainage systems keep up with the needs of our growing city.

photo of chinatown building

Jul 10Future development in Chinatown will limit tall, wide buildings

Policy changes that will reduce the heights and sizes of buildings in Chinatown have been approved by Council

Artist live-work studio on East 4th Avenue and Scotia Street

Jul 10City boosts support for Vancouver’s arts, culture, and creative sector

Vancouver’s arts and culture scene looks to the future to secure, enhance, and develop vibrant, affordable, and accessible spaces across the city.

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