Pay station at a Spanish Banks Beach parking lot

Paid parking to be trialled at Spanish Banks this summer

May 7 2024 –

Visitors driving to Spanish Banks Beach this summer will pay a $1/hour parking fee, as part of plans to alleviate traffic and parking concerns at one of Vancouver’s busiest destination beaches.

At last night’s Board meeting, commissioners approved a recommendation from staff (1.3 KB) to implement the new fee at parking lots within Spanish Banks Beach Park for a 12-month pilot period beginning this July. The $1/hour fee will be in effect during peak season (May-September), with staff working with the City’s Engineering Services to determine a reduced charge for the off-season.

As the only destination beach or park in the Park Board network currently without paid parking, Spanish Banks experiences a number of issues during peak season both in the beach parking lots and surrounding road network.

Staff advised that paid parking at this location would help alleviate traffic and parking concerns and minimize unnecessary searching for parking that contributes to congestion, traffic safety risks and air pollution.

The recommendation was also informed by transit accessibility and affordability. Analysis of other destination sites shows that paid parking helps increase parking turn-over and encourages efficient transportation decisions such as carpooling. Recognizing the limited transit options within the area, implementing parking at an affordable rate in peak season with reduced off-season parking charges maintains affordability and accessibility.

In addition, the implementation of paid parking aligns with the Park Board’s ‘Think Big’ Revenue Strategy (2.7 MB), approved in July 2023. Revenue generated through the pilot will provide funding for the safety, security, and cleanliness of our parks and facilities, including at Spanish Banks Beach.

In conjunction with the Park Board, the City plans to install paid parking along NW Marine Drive from Blanca Street to W 4th Avenue. New on-street paid parking would be charged at a rate of $1/ hour and would be in effect between 9am and 10pm from May 1 to Labour Day in September. To manage potential impacts to parking within the neighbourhood, the City will survey households on the local streets to gauge support for the implementation of residential permit parking. This will help to reserve space for residents while also accommodating their visitors and service providers.

The enforcement of paid parking at Spanish Banks Beach Park will run from 9am to 10pm to enable free parking and improved access for early morning visitors.

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