An indoor pop-up event with two speakers on the stage and groups of attendees sitting at tables.

City of Vancouver changes to allow more pop-up events

November 8 2023 –

Starting today, hosting a pop-up event in Vancouver will be easier with the enactment of bylaw amendments aimed at supporting and promoting arts and culture events throughout the city, while prioritizing attendee safety. 

Following a public hearing, City Council approved changes last month to allow more flexibility for arts and culture organizations looking to host events at creative, unconventional locations that are not regularly licenced for events.

“These changes are a part of this Council’s commitment to supporting our arts and cultural communities,” says Mayor Ken Sim. “We’re making it easier to organize innovative and exciting events in unconventional spaces and providing new opportunities to host more events for more people. We’re focused on making Vancouver a vibrant and inviting city.”

Locations must meet municipal building requirements and may include privately owned studios, warehouses, factories, offices, shops, wholesale spaces and adjoining outdoor spaces such as parking lots, patios and gardens.

Key changes include:

  • Increased Monthly Events: Arts and culture organizations can now host up to six events at the same location each month, doubling the previous limit.
  • Expanded Event Occupancy: Event organizers can now exceed the 250-attendee limit by submitting a special event plan that adheres to fire safety regulations.
  • Outdoor Space Utilization: The bylaws now allow the use of adjoining outdoor spaces on private property, creating more creative space for artists and event organizers.

These amendment are the results of thorough discussions with event organizers and creative collectives, aligning with the needs of the community.

For more information on the new bylaws and event permit applications, please visit the Arts and culture event licensing webpage.