The intersection of Broadway and Cambie facing downtown

Review the draft plan for the future of Broadway

March 1 2022 –

The fourth and final phase of public consultation begins today for the Broadway Plan, which integrates new housing, job space, and public amenities with the new Broadway Subway now under construction. 

The Draft Plan sets out the opportunities this new major transit line brings to the neighbourhoods of Fairview, Mount Pleasant, and Kitsilano to become highly walkable, vibrant, and distinct places to live, work, play, and learn, by connecting to the region with the subway.

Key goals of the plan

  • Addressing the need for more job space
  • Greater affordability in housing, and helping current tenants stay in the neighbourhood
  • Creating and improving ways for people to move around
  • Improved parks and public spaces
  • New and renewed public amenities

Ways to get involved: March 1 to 22 

  • Learn more: Get detailed information on the Draft Plan and planning process on Shape Your City
  • Take the survey: Provide feedback through the online survey until March 22, 2022
  • Talk to the team: Check the Broadway Plan webpage for ways to talk to members of the Broadway Plan team in person, online, or by phone

Your input will help the team move toward the completion of the Broadway Plan, which will be presented to Vancouver City Council for consideration in May 2022. 


The Broadway planning program began in 2019 with the goal of developing a comprehensive 30-year plan for the area of Broadway generally located east to west between Clark Drive and Vine Street, and north to south between 1st and 16th Avenues.

Since the launch of the planning program, we’ve heard from people from across the community and city, with over 15,000 interactions through surveys and in-person and online events, including workshops, open houses, and meetings. Feedback through each phase of the planning process helped shape the Guiding Principles and Emerging and Refined Directions, leading up to the Draft Plan. 

The Broadway Plan is being developed in coordination with the Vancouver Plan, the overarching, strategic land-use plan that will guide growth and change for the entire city to 2050. Along with other City initiatives and priorities, the Broadway Plan will be an important building block within the Vancouver Plan, and City staff are working collaboratively to ensure that these planning processes inform each other.