An image for Vancouver's Black History Month

Support Black-owned businesses this Black History Month

February 1 2024 –

The City of Vancouver is proud to recognize Black History Month each February and this year is encouraging Vancouverites to support businesses owned by members of Black and African diaspora communities. 

In partnership with the Black Business Association of BC (BBABC), the City of Vancouver’s Black History Month web page now includes the link to the BBABC’s interactive map of Black-owned businesses. Throughout the month, the City will also be releasing videos featuring Vancouver-based Black and African diaspora entrepreneurs on social media.

“Vancouver thrives thanks to the vibrant cultural and economic contributions of the Black and African diaspora communities,” said Mayor Ken Sim. “Our City is committed to promoting equity and combating racism for these communities. As we honour Black History Month, let us unite in supporting the numerous Black and African diaspora entrepreneurs in Vancouver – not just in February, but year-round, as we strive to build an inclusive and flourishing community for all.”

“The Black Business Association of BC is proud to be collaborating with the City of Vancouver for Black History Month 2024”, said Nerissa Allen, president and CEO of the Black Business Association of BC. “The strength and success of any community relies on the commitment of its citizens to work together towards unified growth. Vancouver will continue to prosper due to the wonderful diversity of culture and business that underpins the city.”

The focus for Black History Month 2024 was informed by recommendations from the City of Vancouver’s Black and African Diaspora Community Advisory Committee who identified ‘advancing economic wellbeing’ as one of the top priorities for City focus. These recommendations are also informing the development of a forthcoming city-wide action plan to address anti-Black racism in Vancouver. 

Black History Month provides us with the collective opportunity to celebrate and learn about the many achievements, investments, and contributions of Vancouver’s Black and African diaspora communities, while also acknowledging the historical and enduring inequality, oppression, and erasure these communities have experienced. Beyond observing Black History Month, we must make a consistent effort to acknowledge, empower, and value the perspectives and experiences of those in the Black and African diaspora communities every day.

The City of Vancouver recognizes that it has historically played a role in perpetuating discrimination against Black and African diaspora communities and is committed to addressing anti-Black racism in all its forms. Updates on Anti-Racism and Cultural Redress at the City of Vancouver can be found here.

This evening, on February 1, City Hall and Burrard Bridge will be illuminated black, red, green and gold in honour of Black History Month. 

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