2018 election

Election results 2018

Get the official results for the 2018 election in bar charts by votes, party, and name.

Who ran

See who ran for Mayor, City Council, Park Commissioner, and School Trustee.

Random order ballot

What you need to know about the random order ballot, new for 2018.

News about the election

Chief Election Officer declares official results for 2018 election

October 24 2018 - The election verification process is complete. Those elected will serve for a four-year term until 2022.

Verification of election results now underway

October 22 2018 - The Chief Election Officer must certify the final election results by 4:00pm, Wednesday, October 24.

Unofficial results from the 2018 Vancouver city election

October 21 2018 - Vancouver voters have elected 27 people to public office following the preliminary count of 2018 city election ballots.