Event fees and charges

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If you have an event on City or Park Board property, you must have permits for the events. The following tables outline the fees associated with the various permits you may require for your event.

Application fees

If your event will be held on City streets, sidewalks, public property, or private property, and there could be negative impacts on the residents or businesses in the area, you will have to pay a non-refundable application fee. If your event takes place in a park, you are also required to pay a park permit application fee.

Tax does not apply to application fees.

Application type  Fee 
City events organized by not-for-profit organizations  $100.00
City events organized by commercial or corporate organizations  $200.00
Park events  $30.00


If your event requires temporary parking, police assistance or other Engineering services, the Special Events Office will estimate the costs and will require a deposit based on that estimate. This deposit must be provided at least five working days before the event.

Most costs associated with your event will be charged to your deposit. However, other permits may be required and services needed (like ambulance and transit). These fees are payable to each individual organization or branch.

If the final charges are lower than the estimate, the organizer will be refunded the difference after the event is over. If the final charges are higher than the estimate, the organizer will be billed for the difference. In either case, the organizer will receive an invoice showing a breakdown of the charges.

Charges may exceed the estimate if:

  • An event runs late
  • Equipment is lost or stolen
  • There are safety concerns that require additional equipment or personnel.

Organizers of unapproved events or of events that exceed the permit conditions will be billed for any City costs (like police and engineering) incurred as a result.

Deposit amounts 
Park event security deposit $2000.00

Park event permit fees (2018)

Fees do not include tax.

Charity or non-profit community-based events and celebrations

Guests   Event level   Fee 
1-50      $95
51-200  $240
201-500  $355
501-1000  $475
>1000  $595

Charity athletic sporting events (tournaments, runs, or walks)

Guests Event level Fee
1-50     $95
51-200  $240
201-500  $355
501-1000   $595
1001-5000  $950
>5000  $1,185

Private and commercial events

Guests Event level Fee
1-50 1 $280
51-200 2 $710
201-500 3 $1,185
501-1000 4 $1,895
1001-5000 5 $2,370
 >5000 6 Negotiable

City-wide community or charity festivals and concerts with large scale entertainment or performances

Guests Event level Fee
1-50 1 $235
51-300 2 $355
301-1000 3 $595
1001-5000 4 $950
5001-10,000 5 $1,185

Additional park event charges 

Alcohol permits $595
Block party $102
Staff fee for site visitation  $105
Staff fee for monitoring, per hour $74
Setup and take down fee, per day $355
UAV fee $180
Vendors market $1,185
Weddings $425

Waste removal from park events

You are responsible for leaving the area clean and litter-free. If you hire the City to remove your waste and recycling, the cost depends on the size of your event and the amount of recycling you do.

Estimate your waste management costs

Ready to apply for your special event?

Ready to apply? If you are ready to apply for your special event permit, click the link below to go directly to the online application.

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Is your event in a park? If your event is in a park, you will also need to fill out the Park Board's application.

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