Apply for a roaming food vending permit

The roaming food vending permit allows food and non-alcoholic drinks to be sold on City property from a vending unit that may change locations.

You will need one permit for each vending unit you operate.

2018 Fees

Fee Cost
Motorised unit permit fee (food trucks) $316.56 + 15.83 GST
Non-motorised unit permit fee (bikes or push carts) $158.89 + 7.94 GST


We welcome your application if you:

  • Are legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Have valid liability and vehicle insurance
  • Have a current City of Vancouver business licence
  • Complete a criminal record search for each vending unit operator
  • Have a valid health permit

Insurance requirements

As a condition of being granted a vending permit, you must show “Proof of Liability Insurance” coverage which meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Inclusive limit of $2,000,000 P.L. and P.D. (Public Liability & Property Damage)
  • Cross Liability Clause
  • City of Vancouver named as an insured

Download our Liability Insurance Certificate  (175 KB), forward it to your insurance company to complete, and upload it during your application.

A permit will not be granted until proof of insurance has been received.

How to apply

Each vending unit needs a roaming food vending permit.

  1. Before you apply, have the following ready:
    • Completed details form (download available when applying)
    • Valid liability insurance
    • Copy of your current business licence
    • Copy of health permit for your vending unit
    • Copy of motor vehicle insurance
    • Criminal record search for each vending operator
    • Permit fees
  2. Apply for your permit online. Register for an account and submit your application:
    Apply online

Rules and requirements

Times and locations where vending is not allowed

Vending is not permitted within:

  • The nighttime hours noted on your permit
  • Downtown, on streets west of Main Street and north of False Creek
  • One block of grade schools on school days from 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Park boundaries (including parking lots), beaches, school grounds, or private properties
  • 100 m of park concession stands

Locations with restrictions

  • Olympic Village, 1600 Manitoba St: Vending may only take place on the east side of the block
  • Terminal Ave: Maximum of two vendors per day between Station St and Thornton St
  • Railway St: Maximum of three vendors per day between Gore Ave and Jackson St. Side streets off of Railway St are not permitted.

Vending near restaurants

Roaming food vendors must stay 100 m away from restaurants that sell a similar food product, concept, or theme.

Example: A roaming food vendor is parked less than 100 m from a juice business.

  • Not allowed: The roaming vendor sells only juice. This food concept or theme is too similar to the juice business.
  • Allowed: The roaming vendor sells breakfast items including juice. The juice menu item is the only similarity to the juice business.

Vending permits


  • Must be displayed to the public at all times
  • May not be sold
  • Remain the property of the City of Vancouver
  • Must be given immediately, upon request, to any City of Vancouver official or Vancouver Police Department member

Roaming vending units

Vending units must:

Trailer vending units must remain attached to a motorised vehicle at all times.

Sound systems in vending units

Sound systems must be:

  • Played no louder than 65dBA when measured at 15 m directly in front of the vending unit
  • Set so the operator of the vending unit cannot adjust the volume above the limit
  • Shut off when the vehicle is stopped

Failure to comply with the requirements listed above may result in one or more of the following:

  • Confiscation of goods
  • Suspension of the permit
  • Cancellation of the permit

Renewing your permit

To renew your permit, login to your online account. You will need the following:

  • Valid liability insurance
  • Copy of your current business licence
  • Copy of your health permit for your vending unit
  • Copy of your motor vehicle insurance
  • Criminal record search for each vending unit operator
  • Permit fees

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