The site is occupied by a Super 8 Hotel and various commercial uses, including a private liquor store, pub, and bowling alley

725 SE Marine Drive planning and development study

Site history

The site was the location of the first schoolhouse in South Vancouver.

1963: The site was rezoned to allow development of the existing six-storey building, originally named the Blue Boy Motor Hotel.

1974: The Knight Street Bridge opened, replacing the Fraser Street Bridge, the original gateway between Richmond and Vancouver.

The hotel name has changed over the years, from the Blue Boy Motor Hotel to the Quality Inn and now a Super 8 Hotel.

2013: Serracan considered redeveloping the site and engaged with the community.

What's on the site today

725 SE Marine Drive is located at the northeast corner of Fraser Street and Marine Drive.

The site contains the Super 8 Hotel and various businesses, like a private liquor store, pub, and bowling alley, currently operate on site.

The existing hotel and commercial units are aging, in need of repairs, and operate with limited occupancy.

What we're focusing on

The Sunset Community Vision (2002) provides limited policy guidance for the site.

We've proposed draft planning and development principles to:

  1. Consider appropriate transitions to the surrounding neighbourhood
  2. Provide local-serving commercial services and amenities with consideration for a neighbourhood food store
  3. Maximize connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to the site
  4. Consider views to the Fraser River
  5. Introduce more diverse housing opportunities in the neighbourhood, including the potential for units that would be more affordable than existing detached housing

How we'll plan and engage with you

Date Events
April – June 2015  We'll conduct public consultation with a community open house and meetings with neighbourhood groups.
June – December 2015 Serracan Properties will submit a rezoning application for our rezoning staff and Urban Design Panel to review.

We'll host another community open house about the application.

March – July 2016 We'll report to Council on the rezoning application and Council will refer it to a public hearing. 


Council reports