Enquire about and apply for rezoning

Our planners are here to help with your rezoning application. Before you make your rezoning application, we recommend that you complete our enquiry and pre-application process with our planners to:

  • Get guidance and advice that will save you time and money
  • Prevent you from making a rezoning application that may be refused

Here are the four steps we recommend to make your rezoning application go smoothly:

  1. Contact Planning Information to start your enquiry
  2. Make a written enquiry for rezoning advice
  3. Book a pre-application meeting with planning staff
  4. Apply for rezoning

Step 1: Contact Planning Information

To begin rezoning your property, phone or email Planning Information. We'll respond within one to two business days. Detailed responses to specific questions may take longer, to do site and policy research.

We'll research the property you want to rezone, and explain the policies, guidelines, and plans that affect the property's use and development.

We'll also tell you if your application for rezoning might be considered and supported, and identify the issues you need to consider or address during the application process.

Contact Planning Information



Step 2: Make a written enquiry for rezoning advice

If we find that your rezoning proposal has a community or citywide benefit – and that City Council may support it – we'll ask you to apply for rezoning advice before you apply for rezoning.

We'll give you an application form to complete and a list of specific information to provide when you apply.

NoteAs of January 1, 2017, the fee to review drawings and provide comments on your proposed rezoning is $3,320 ($332 for incorporated non-profit societies).

The fee is set in Schedule 2, Section 10(a) of the Zoning and Development Fee Bylaw PDF file (90 KB).

Provide these items when you apply:

  • Completed application form
  • Specific information we requested
  • Drawing package
  • Fee payment

You can expect a response to your application in about 8 to 12 weeks.

Step 3: Book a pre-application meeting with planning staff

Based on our response to your application for rezoning advice, if you decide to apply for rezoning, book a pre-application meeting with your rezoning planner to discuss:

  1. Application requirements for your proposal
  2. Recommended meetings with other staff who can help identify issues or refine the scope of your proposal
  3. Consultation with neighbours about your proposal before you apply for rezoning

Step 4: Apply for rezoning

Once all of your rezoning application material is ready, meet with your rezoning planner again to apply and pay the application fee.

We only accept complete applications that have all the required documentation we discussed during your pre-application.

How rezoning applications are reviewed and processed

How rezoning applications are processed

The City gathers input from staff, the public, and advisory groups before they decide whether to recommend approval of a rezoning application to Council. Read about the complete process.

How rezoning applications are processed