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Utility customers

The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility is owned and operated by the City of Vancouver.

The utility services the former Olympic Village, Southeast False Creek community, and new developments on Great Northern Way.

Questions about your service?


Please call your building manager about heating issues.

Building managers 

Call 3-1-1 for service issues.


How rates are set

Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility rates are set annually by City Council.

To ensure fair and appropriate rates, all changes to rates are reviewed by an independent expert panel.

​How rates compare

The utility provides an all-in thermal energy service. This means that customers do not need to own, operate, maintain, or replace any in-building heating equipment such as boilers, furnaces, or heat-pumps.

The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility is cost-competitive with traditional utilities. 


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Utility benefits

Environmental benefits

The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 60% compared to conventional energy sources.

Waste heat recycled from sewage supplies approximately 70% of the annual energy demand.

Customer benefits

Stable energy rates

The use of a local energy source – sewage – and a system that can adapt to future clean energy technologies stabalizes energy costs compared to more volatile fossil fuel prices.


The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility has been providing heat and hot water since 2010.

In that time, it has provided reliable heating and hot water services to customer buildings, with no significant service interruptions.


Your building

1. Utility distribution line

Hot water from the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility enters your building and passes through two heat exchanges. The heat exchangers transfer heat to the building's domestic hot water line and building heating loop.

This heat transfer process cools down the utility water, which is returned to the False Creek Energy Centre to be reheated. 

2. Energy transfer

Each building connected to the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility has an energy transfer station.

Replacing conventional fossil fuel boilers, the energy transfer station uses heat exchangers to transfer energy from the utility distribution line to produce your heating and hot water.  

3. Your building

Domestic hot water

Cold potable water enters your building from the City's drinking water system. This cold water is heated in the energy transfer station domestic hot water heat exchanger. This produces your hot water at a safe and usable temperature.

Building heating loop

Your building has a recirculating heating loop. Like domestic hot water, the heating loop runs through an energy transfer station heat exchanger and is then piped to provide heat to each suite.

The cooled building heating loop water then returns to the energy transfer station to be heated again.


View current energy rates

Metered rates

Find more information about metered rates for water, sewer, and energy. The City has introduced seasonal metered water rates to meet our water conservation goals.