Vancouver fire halls

Fire engine No 5

Vancouver is home to 20 fire halls, strategically located around the City. Find your closest fire hall on the map below.

If you want to arrange a visit, contact the fire hall at least four weeks in advance. Community members, and school or pre-school group leaders can book tours by calling the captain who will be on duty.

To find the fire hall phone number, click a marker on the map. To get directions, open the map in a new window.

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Important notes about fire hall tours

  • During a tour, one adult is expected to supervise every five children. An adult group leader counts toward one of the supervisors.
  • We don't hold birthday parties at fire halls. You may arrange a fire hall tour as one of the activities before or after a party you're hosting elsewhere.
  • Tours are subject to availability and may be interrupted by alarms. If an alarm interrupts a tour, visitors must immediately leave the building. Visitors may wait outside the fire hall for the trucks to return. In most cases, you will need to book a tour for a later date.
  • At the fire hall, your group will be given activities to work through at home.
  • For a list of fire safety skills we teach, visit the fire safety course information page.

Fire safety course information

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Vancouver fire halls

Yellow pages listing of Vancouver fire halls

Call 9-1-1 in the event of emergencies. For other non-emergency contact, open this search for "Community fire halls, non-emergency" in the online

Did you know

Fire Hall No 6 -West End

In Canada, firefighters are based in fire halls. These buildings are called something different around the world. In the US they are called fire houses, and in the UK and other parts of Europe they are called fire stations.

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Yellow pages listing of Vancouver fire halls