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Leisure Access Agency Pass

Woman carrying girl on back in pool

The Leisure Access Agency Pass gives free access to basic recreation services at Park Board facilities to:

  • Vancouver non-profit agency staff and volunteers when they accompany and assist their clients

Non-profit agencies can also help enroll clients in the Leisure Access Program, a similar subsidized recreation pass with more benefits and discounts.

Changes to the Agency Pass

Agencies no longer need to obtain one pass per 10 clients. When you scan your Agency Pass at community centres, rinks, or indoor pools, we'll ask you:

  • How many other agency employees or volunteers are with you?
  • How many clients are with you?

We'll let you know if you have the right amount of staff per client, based on the following:

Event Staff with an agency pass that's needed per client
Public swim and public skate sessions One staff per 10 clients (five for child clients under eight years old)
Fitness centre drop-ins One staff per five clients

Groups with 10 or more clients

Contact the recreation facility in advance to make a group booking or you may get turned away. Bookings depend on available space at the swim and skate sessions.

Contact the LAP



Get a replacement card

Report your lost or stolen OneCard with Leisure Access to a participating community centre or 3-1-1 for a replacement.

Replacement agency passes cost $5.00 while they're valid.