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Construction standards for streets in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver uses several construction standards and guidelines.

The City's Engineering department uses several sets of standards to design safe, long-lasting streets in Vancouver. We use five main sets of standards.

If you are planning to do construction or make improvements on private property, the City provides standards and guidelines so that the end result meets City building codes, and is safe and accessible.

Download the City's construction standards below.

Master Municipal Construction Document

The Master Municipal Construction Document (MMCD) specifies measurements and drawings for municipal infrastructure design and construction. The MMCD can be purchased on the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association website.

Street Restoration Manual

The Street Restoration Manual is the City's supplement to the MMCD construction specifications. The Streets Restoration Manual provides additional specifications, procedures, and detailed drawings to meet specific needs for construction activities in the City of Vancouver.

Transportation Association of Canada Geometric Design Guide

The Transportation Association of Canada Geometric Design Guide is used as a basis for the City's Transportation Branch to design City roadways and intersections. Vancouver has expanded upon these standards to provide designs that incorporate the urban environment, and better support pedestrians and cyclists. The Geometric Design Guide can be purchased on the Transportation Association of Canada website.

Accessible Street Design

The Accessible Street Design manual provides City standards on making streets and sidewalks accessible to all pedestrians, including people with mobility and visual impairments, and people using wheelchairs.

Street Tree Manual

The Street Tree Guidelines describe street tree and landscape planting issues on City right-of-ways. Use the Street Tree Guidelines in conjunction with the Street Restoration Manual, and the development permit process.