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Diversity in hiring

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The City believes in recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce that reflects our community.

We value a diverse workforce and are committed to hiring practices that are fair and equitable.

Diversity is directly linked to workplace excellence, creativity, and innovation. By reflecting the community we serve, the City of Vancouver can continue to provide exceptional public service to our citizens. Knowledge and experience of other cultures, languages, perspectives and groups are strengths the City values in its employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The City's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program works with Human Resources to implement the City's Equal Employment Policy by supporting the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce. EEO also ensures that hiring practices are fair and equitable.

To support both the Respectful Workplace Policy and the Human Rights & Harassment Policy, EEO works with City departments to create an accessible, respectful and inclusive working environment.

How the City celebrates diversity


Official celebrations and observances

We recognize the valuable contributions of Vancouver's diverse communities is through special celebrations of International Women's Day, Black History Month, Vancouver Pride, Diwali, and others.

Recent employment awards and certifications

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