Speaking at meetings of your elected officals

Speak at a City Council meeting about an agenda item

Request to speak

Request to speak online after agendas are announced below, usually one week before meetings.

Note Register early to speak earlier.

Meetings you can speak at

Speak to City Council about agenda items at:

  1. Public hearings
  2. Regular Council meetings
    • If Council agrees to hear speakers about an agenda item, it will be moved to the standing committee meeting agenda, usually on the next day.
  3. Special Council meetings
  4. Standing committee meetings
    • City Finance and Services
    • Policy and Strategic Priorities

Deadlines to request to speak

Public hearings

  • Online by 5:00pm on the day of meeting
  • In-person from 5:30pm to 6:00pm on the day of the meeting

If you miss the deadline, attend the meeting and raise your hand when the meeting chair calls three times for any other speakers after all registered speakers are heard.

Regular Council, special Council, and standing committee meetings

  • Online by 9:30am or the start of meeting
  • No requests are taken after the meeting starts

Upcoming meetings

February 20 public hearing

You can speak about:

  1. Text amendment: 1529 West Pender Street
  2. Rezoning: 5679 Main Street (189-193 East 41st Avenue and 5679-5695 Main Street)
  3. Rezoning: 431-455 West King Edward Avenue
  4. Rezoning and heritage designation: 6 West 17th Avenue (Turner Dairy)
  5. Rezoning: 400 West Georgia Street

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February 21 Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities

You can speak about:

  • Local Improvement - Approval of Billing Rates for Projects Completed in 2017
  • False Creek Water Quality Improvement Initiative: Update and Recommended Next Steps
  • Expansion of the False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (“NEU”)
  • Accelerating the City of Vancouver Pedestrian Curb Ramp Program
  • Keeping Promises: Approving and Expediting One Building of 100% Core-Need Rental Housing in the Downtown Eastside

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Prepare your talk

When it's your turn

How long you can speak for and how to prepare

Presentations and written material

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Track your turn

We assign you with a speaker number that shows your position to speak about an agenda item.

Numbers are assigned in the order we received requests to speak.

Track your turn on the @VanCityClerk Twitter feed.

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