Speaking at meetings of your elected officals

Speak at a City Council meeting about an agenda item

Request to speak

Speak to City Council about agenda items for these upcoming meetings:

  • Public hearings
  • Regular Council meetings
    • For agenda items on regular Council meetings, Council must agree to hear speakers. If Council agrees, the item is moved to an upcoming standing committee meeting usually on the next day.
  • Special Council meetings
  • Standing committee meetings
    • City Finances and Services
    • Policy and Strategic Priorities

Want to speak at a public hearing or Park Board meeting?

The way to sign up is different.

See the public hearings page or Park Board meetings page.

Can't attend and still want to share your views?

Send a letter at least one day before the meeting so we can share it with Council.

Prepare your talk

When it's your turn

How long you can speak for and how to prepare

Presentations and written material

Track your turn

We assign you with a speaker number that shows your position to speak about an agenda item.

Numbers are assigned in the order we received requests to speak.

Track your turn on the @VanCityClerk Twitter feed.

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