Guide to voting

Municipal elections are held every 4 years in Vancouver.
Positions are elected at large, representing the entire city.

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Who can vote

You must meet all the qualifications to vote:

  • Be 18 years of age or older on election day
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Have lived in BC for at least 6 months immediately before registering to vote
  • Live in Vancouver (no minimum days required), or own property registered in your name in Vancouver for at least 30 days immediately before registering to vote
  • Not be disqualified by law from voting

Own property in Vancouver but live elsewhere in BC? You may be qualified to vote as a Non-resident Property Elector.  

Register or update voter information

Elections BC maintains the voters' list for city and provincial elections. Register or update your voter information for city elections with Elections BC .

Join the List of Future Voters

If you're 16 or 17 years old, a resident of BC, and a Canadian citizen, you can sign up to be automatically registered to vote when you turn 18.

Once registered, you'll receive important information from Elections BC about where, when, and how to vote when a provincial election is called.

Sign up for the List of Future Voters


Candidates were listed in numeric order on the 2022 election ballot based on the random order draw. 

Number of candidates you can vote for

Vote for up to the maximum for each position:

See who ran in the 2022 election

If you live in the UBC / UEL

You can only vote for school trustees if you live in the UBC Lands and University Endowment Lands, and you do not own property in Vancouver.

Capital Plan Borrowing questions

In Vancouver, you also vote on whether you’re in favour or not of Council borrowing a specific amount of money for:

  • Facilities like libraries, community centres, and parks
  • Infrastructure like streets and sidewalks

Learn more about the Capital Plan

Get help

Most voting places are wheelchair accessible. If you can't enter, you can vote near it. Have someone talk to the person in charge at the voting place.

Use an assistive device

Available on advance voting days, the device helps mark your ballot if you have mobility or visual impairments.

Get personal assistance

Available on all voting days at all voting places:

  • Ask for help from an election official (they take an oath to keep ballots secret)
  • Bring someone to help you (they will need to take an oath of secrecy)

Get translated instructions

Available on all voting days at all voting places:

  • Ask for staff who speak your language
  • Bring your own translator (they will need to take an oath of secrecy)

If you are unable to vote in person, you can apply to vote by mail

Vote by mail

All eligible voters may request to vote by mail.

If you apply for a vote by mail package, you will not be able to vote in-person during advance voting days or on election day.

Applications to vote by mail will open before the next election.


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