People playing pickleball on a pickleball court

A big dill: First dedicated pickleball courts in Vancouver open in Queen Elizabeth Park

With increasingly more people playing pickleball, the Park Board has been working with stakeholders to build 20 courts, including eight courts dedicated to the sport in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Vancouver Park Board Chair Camil Dumont

September 17 2020 –

The Vancouver Park Board has opened the first ever dedicated pickleball courts in Vancouver.

Six pickleball courts opened this summer in Pandora Park. Two courts at Cedar Cottage Park will open this fall and four at Brewers Park will open early next year. These 12 courts are shared by pickleball and tennis players. Pickleball is integrated through painting additional lines in a different colour to differentiate from tennis. Multiple pickleball courts fit on each tennis court. Pickleball players often bring their own portable nets.

North America’s fastest growing sport

Mona Lee, President of the Vancouver Pickleball Association, is thrilled with the permanent courts in Queen Elizabeth Park.

“We celebrated the grand opening of Vancouver’s first dedicated pickleball courts at Queen Elizabeth Park with pickleball pro Steve Deakin. The Vancouver Pickleball Association is using temporary nets provided by the Park Board until semi-permanent ones are installed. It seems busier every week with new players arriving every day. Families are now able to come out together, with parents and children all playing. Pickleball is definitely a game for everyone. It’s horribly addictive,” she said.

Mona said pickleball is North America’s fastest growing sport. “A sport for all ages and skill levels, it’s a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong. It’s easy for beginners to learn and for experienced players, it can be a highly competitive, quick and strategic game. And above all it’s fun! “ 

Once construction is completed at Cedar Cottage and Brewers parks, there will be a total of 25 outdoor pickleball courts in Vancouver, in addition to indoor courts at community centres.