2023 Budget engagement

Public invited to share feedback on City spending in 2023

January 4 2023 –

We are seeking public input on municipal spending priorities for 2023, as part of our annual budget engagement process.

The 2023 Draft Current State Budget (3.9 MB) includes a forecast of revenue and expenditure challenges, taking into consideration inflation and rising costs in 2023. It outlines an operating budget of $1.9B maintain existing programs and service levels and proposes an increase of property taxes and fees to fund the status quo service provision.

On December 6, 2022, City Council voted to approve the 2023 capital budget and deferred the 2023 operating budget to the spring for further consideration. The final budget, including the property tax rate, will be determined by Council in March in order to meet the property tax billing cycle. Public feedback will be gathered into a public report that will help inform City Council’s decision. 

Ways to get involved

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