Stay Home, Stay Put

Stay Home, Stay Put and help flatten Vancouver’s curve

It sounds simple, but when we Stay Home, Stay Put, we are fighting for Vancouver, fighting for the people we love, and fighting for those who are on the frontlines.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart

March 30 2020 –

We're encouraging residents to Stay Home, Stay Put to keep themselves, their neighbours, and their loved ones safe.

With thousands of people dying globally each day from COVID-19,  we're asking people to stay at home and limit their outings to essential trips only in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Actions you can take

We're launching a public campaign to remind people of the five main actions they can take to help limit the spread of the virus, including:

  1. Maintaining physical distance of at least 2 metres with others outside your home
  2. Avoiding any gatherings of people on private property, at work, or in parks
  3. Working from home if possible
  4. Only go out for essential activities such as shopping for groceries, picking up prescriptions, and exercising alone or with members of your household
  5. Staying home if you are sick or showing symptoms

These steps will allow us to keep ourselves, our neighbours and colleagues, and our loved ones safe – and means we will be in a much stronger position to recover and rebuild when this pandemic is over.

Many members of City staff are now working from home, but those that continue to work across Vancouver are carrying out essential services including sanitation, providing food and support services to people experiencing homelessness, and maintaining the city’s infrastructure so that Vancouver can keep running and recover quickly. Staff delivering these essential services are frequently reminded to stay two metres apart and wash their hands frequently.

Stay Home, Stay Put messaging

Stay Home, Stay Put messages will be communicated via a social media campaign, public signage including billboards, and by outreach to businesses. 

As well as following the advice, residents are encouraged to tell friends and neighbours, and repost and share on social media where possible. 

Follow our news and Twitter for official updates

We appreciate there is a lot of information circulating at this time, and not all of it is coming from verified sources. All of our updates will be noted within our news releases, on our website, and our verified social feeds.

Follow @CityofVancouver on Twitter to receive the latest updates on COVID-19 response. We continue to work with public health officials and multiple partners on the COVID-19 response.


Mayor Kennedy Stewart

“The next few weeks are pivotal for our city, if we continue to do our part and Stay Home, Stay Put, we will save lives,” said Mayor Kennedy Stewart. “It sounds simple, but when we Stay Home, Stay Put, we are fighting for Vancouver, fighting for the people we love, and fighting for those who are on the frontlines.”

COVID Task Force Chief Darrell Reid

“Every single person in Vancouver has a role to play in keeping our city safe and that is to Stay Home, Stay Put. Ask yourself how you would feel if someone you care about got sick because you had people over, headed on a hike with friends, or went in to work when you didn’t need to”, COVID Task Force Chief, Darrell Reid said. “By taking these steps now, Vancouver will be in a better place to recover and rebuild when the pandemic is over.”