Children holding hands walking away from camera with caption: my city. my vote. october 2018.

Special Kids Vote program

This year, children under 18 were invited to take part in a special Kids Vote program. 

On Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14, kids could go to any advance voting location and vote on three questions printed on special pink Kids Vote ballots.

Kids Vote results will be released after 8pm on October 20.

Kids vote ballot

Question 1

In Vancouver, what is most important to you?

  • Recreation: Parks, pools, community centres, playgrounds
  • Safety: Fire and rescue services, police
  • Waste, Water & Streets: Garbage, recycling, water pipes, sidewalks, roads
  • Arts & Community Life: Libraries, theatres, local festivals, events
  • Nature: City gardens, greenery, wildlife conservation

Question 2

What elected role would you like to have in Vancouver?

  • Mayor
  • City Councillor
  • Park Board Commissioner
  • School Board Trustee

Question 3

What is one way you are active in your city?

  • I have gone to classes or events at a community centre
  • I go to the library
  • I play in the playgrounds, parks and pools
  • I have friends in my neighbourhood

Why Kids Vote?

We hope to encourage kids to vote in the future by giving young voters the chance to experience the election process at an actual voting place.