Ethical Purchasing Policy

The City of Vancouver Ethical Purchasing Policy ensures that all of our suppliers meet the performance standards in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes core labour conventions of the International Labour Organization.

The policy demonstrates our commitment to social sustainability. It ensures that we do business with companies that:

  • Provide safe and healthy workplaces for the people who make products for us
  • Respect human and civil rights
  • Align with our mission and values

If one of our suppliers of apparel and agricultural products has an abusive workplace, those abuses can be reported to us for investigation and action through a process described in our policy.

Our policy isn't intended to interfere with the our collective agreements.

Who makes our apparel

Select "show more" to view a list of names and locations of all apparel facilities that produce (or will produce) products for us. At minimum, the location includes a city and country.

We update this list when we do annual reviews, receive notices of changes from our suppliers, and receive internal requests.

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