Medical marijuana-related retail stores and compassion clubs: existing applicants

Follow these steps during your application to operate a medical marijuana-related retail business and compassion club.

Is it OK to operate during the application process?

You may operate until April 29, 2016, while we implement the new regulations if you:

  1. Applied by the August 2015 deadline
  2. Are operating by the date of your preliminary application decision letter
  3. Comply with City bylaws and the operational requirements set out in your decision letter

Otherwise, you can only start operating after you get a business licence.

Step 1: Preliminary application

Did your August 2015 preliminary application meet our zoning requirements?

We have mailed you a letter about our preliminary zoning review and next steps for your application.

Select your result below to learn what to do next.

Your application meets our zoning requirements

Your application is in a cluster

Your application doesn't meet our zoning requirements

Step 2: Development permit

After you meet our zoning requirements, apply for a development permit.

The development permit application fee is $713.00 to $5,100.00, based on floor space.

Step 3: Business licence

After your development permit is approved, apply for a business licence.

There are two licence categories:

  1. Medical marijuana-related retail dealers advocate the use of marijuana for medical purposes to a broad public. The licence fee is $30,000 per year.
  2. Compassion clubs are non-profit societies that advocate the use of marijuana for medical purposes and provide a wider range of health services to their members only. The licence fee is $1,000 per year.

Read the full Licence Bylaw requirements PDF file (650 KB)

To apply for a business licence:

  1. Learn about and apply for a business licence
  2. Prepare your business licence application with our checklist PDF file (232 KB)