Attend a public hearing

Before a rezoning application is approved, it is referred to a public hearing, which is a special meeting of Council generally held once per month.

The application is put on the agenda of a hearing scheduled within 4-6 weeks of referral.

Notifying the public of the hearing

About one to two weeks before a public hearing, two legal notices are published in a local newspaper.

As a matter of courtesy, registered property owners within approximately two blocks of the site are mailed notification letters, advising them of the date, time and place of the hearing. 

The information signs on the site are revised to show the public hearing date.

What happens at the hearing

At the hearing, staff present the application, summarize their analysis including input from the public, and restate their recommendation. 

The applicant is then given an opportunity to speak, followed by all members of the public.

A decision to approve or refuse the rezoning application is generally made at the hearing, but may be deferred to a regular Council meeting. 

There is no appeal process from a Council decision to either approve or refuse a rezoning application.

How to attend and speak at a public hearing

Speak at a meeting

Request to speak to City Council about agenda items on upcoming meetings. Get tips to prepare your talk and track your turn.