How to order, replace, or change bin size

The City of Vancouver provides homes with one garbage bin and one Green Bin. Any homeowner can:

  • Order new bins to replace missing or damaged bins
  • Request repairs to damaged bins
  • Order additional bins
  • Exchange bins for a different size

Note: Only a property owner can order, replace, or exchange bins.

Get the right bin size for your household

How much garbage, food scraps, and yard waste does your household create by collection day? If your bin is always filled to the top, consider a larger bin or an additional bin.

Suggested garbage bin size

Use the table below to help you gauge the right size garbage bin for your property.

Household size Suggested garbage bin volume
Up to 2 people  75 L
2 to 3 people 120 L
3 to 4 people 180 L
4 to 6 people  240 L
6 or more people 360 L

Bin dimensions and weight capacities

The image and table below show the different sizes of City garbage bins and Green Bins. The dimensions are approximate and may vary because we use carts from several manufacturers.

Garbage bins come in 5 sizes: 75 L, 120 L, 180 L, 240 L, and 360 L.

Green Bins come in 4 sizes: 120 L, 180 L, 240 L, and 360 L.

Bin sizes

Bin volume Bin dimensions
(width × depth × height)
Maximum weight 
75 L
Garbage only
56 cm × 60 cm × 1 m
(22 in × 24 in × 40 in)
Capacity reduced by fixed insert
30 kg
120 L 56 cm × 60 cm × 1 m
(22 in × 24 in × 40 in)
50 kg
180 L 63 cm × 76 cm × 1 m
(25 in × 30 in × 40 in)
75 kg
240 L 66 cm × 84 cm × 1.1 m
(26 in × 33 in × 43 in)
100 kg
360 L 76 cm × 91 cm × 1.2 m
(30 in × 36 in × 46 in)
150 kg

The less waste you make, the less you pay

The annual rates billed to your property taxes for garbage and green waste collection are based on the size of bins registered to your property. Save money: use the most efficient bin size for your household.

Garbage bin collection annual rates

Bin size 2015 2014 2013
75 L $75.00 $71.00 $84.00
120 L $87.00 $83.00 $97.00
180 L $103.00 $98.00 $115.00
240 L $119.00 $113.00 $133.00
360 L $151.00 $144.00 $169.00

Annual rates for weekly pickup at multi-unit residential and commercial buildings

The City collects garbage weekly from a limited number of multi-unit residential and commercial buildings.

 Note: Weekly garbage pickup is not available to properties on biweekly service.

Green Bin collection annual rates

Bin size 2015 2014 2013
120 L $104.00 $96.00 $78.00
180 L $122.00 $113.00 $92.00
240 L $140.00 $130.00 $105.00
360 L $176.00 $163.00 $131.00

Call 3-1-1 to request garbage and Green Bins

To order, exchange, or repair bins call 3-1-1. Our representatives will ask for your:

  • Name, address, and daytime phone number
  • Service requested (example: new, replacement, repair, or exchange)
  • Reason for replacement, repair, or exchange (example: damaged bin, stolen, or wrong size)
  • Current bin size (if applicable)
  • Bin size wanted

If you have an unusable bin, let the 3-1-1 representative know if it is empty or full.

Label your bin

Write your address in the white space provided on the lid of your bin.

Bins are the property of the City of Vancouver, and must remain reusable. Bins are permanently damaged if they are marked outside of the designated white space on the lid. Replacing damaged bins increases the cost of service for customers.

You can exchange your bin for free once per year

Every calendar year, you can exchange a bin for a different size, or order an additional bin.

After that, you will be charged $25.00 per exchange, billed on your main property tax notice in late May.

Do you have extra garbage?

Stickers for extra garbage bags

If you have extra garbage that will not fit in your garbage bin, place your excess garbage in a bag and put an "extra garbage sticker" on the bag.

Get recycling supplies

Blue boxes and recycling bags

Replace a missing or damaged blue box or recycling bag for free. Pick up your blue box and recycling bags in person, or order them by phone.

Ask. Tell. Connect.

Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

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