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Abandoned garbage and illegal dumping

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Abandoned garbage causes health and environmental risks, encourages more illegal dumping, and sends a message that illegal activity is okay in your neighbourhood.

When you dispose of items properly, and when you report illegal dumping, you help improve the quality of life in your neighbourhood.

There are alternatives to dumping

If you have an item that is not collected by the City – like mattresses, large appliances, or furniture – you can:

  • Donate the item to charity
  • Bring the item to the Landfill
  • Recycle the item

Find disposal options

Consequences of illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is harmful to the environment and costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. City bylaws impose penalties for illegal dumping on City property. A person caught illegally dumping material will have to:

  • Remove the waste and pay to restore the area
  • Repay the City for cleaning and restoration costs if the offender does not remove the waste
  • Pay a fine of up to $2,000 – under the City of Vancouver Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849

On private property

Contact the Vancouver Police Department's non-emergency line: 604-717-3321.

Help prevent illegal dumping on your street or in your lane

If you manage or own a building and there is repeated illegal dumping on your street or in your lane, we suggest you:

  • Build a private garbage enclosure
  • Install security cameras
  • Consistently lock dumpsters and other waste containers

You can also request "No Dumping" signs for your property by calling 3-1-1.

Street and Traffic Bylaw

Abandoning or dumping garbage in the street or alley is illegal under "Depositing Rubbish or Refuse" (section 84) of the City of Vancouver's Street and Traffic Bylaw.

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Get involved

Keep Vancouver Spectacular volunteers

Keep Vancouver Spectacular

Play a role in your neighbourhood by taking part in KVS, a series of programs that help reduce litter and keep our streets clean.

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