Vancouver Landfill and Recycling Depot

The Vancouver Landfill serves residential and commercial customers from Metro Vancouver for final disposal of their garbage.

The landfill also has a recycling area for residents to drop off a wide range of recyclable materials, many of which are accepted for free.

Landfill location


5400 72nd St 
Delta, BC, V4K 3N3

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Hours of operation

Days Hours
Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Christmas Day, New Year's Day Closed
All other statutory holidays unless otherwise noted 8:00am to 6:00pm

Materials accepted and fees

Material Rate Details
Garbage, up to 1 tonne $133 / tonne
  • Minimum fee: up to 150 kg $25 weekdays, 10:00am – 2:00pm excluding statutory holidays (weekday holidays in lieu are subject to regular fees); up to 70 kg $15 all other days and times
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load (included in minimum and maximum fees)
Garbage, 1 to 9 tonnes $112 / tonne
  • Maximum fee: $725
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load (included in maximum fee)
Garbage, 9 tonnes or more $80 / tonne
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load (included in maximum fee)
Garbage requiring special handling (nuisance waste) Garbage rate or $200 / tonne if burial is needed
Asbestos waste, delivered by resident, 10 bags or less Garbage rate
  • See asbestos policy for packaging requirements
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load
Asbestos waste, delivered by resident, 11 bags or more $250 / tonne, $50 minimum
  • See asbestos policy for packaging requirements
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load
Asbestos waste, commercial $250 / tonne, $50 minimum
  • See asbestos policy for notification, packaging, and documentation requirements
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load
Construction and demolition waste $75 / tonne
Treated or finished wood waste $67 / tonne
  • Minimum fee: $6 (up to 90 kg)
  • Maximum accepted: 3 tonnes
  • Includes solid wood, lumber and pallets that have been painted, stained, or treated (other than with creosote), and laminated wood
  • Includes plywood, particle board and oriented strand board, whether unfinished or finished
Clean, unfinished wood waste $67 / tonne
  • Minimum fee: $6 (up to 90 kg)
  • Maximum accepted: 3 tonnes
  • Includes solid wood, lumber or pallets that do not contain any glue or resins, and has not been painted, stained or treated
  • Plywood
Yard trimmings $67 / tonne
  • Minimum fee: $6 (up to 90 kg)
  • Residential quantities only
  • Includes grass, leaves, and branches (up to 45 cm diameter and 2.6 m long)
  • Materials accepted

 Sod and oil, and plastic bags (even those labelled "biodegradable" or "compostable") are not accepted as yard trimmings

Food scraps $67 / tonne
  • Minimum fee: $6 (up to 90 kg)
  • Maximum accepted: 150 kg
Mattresses $15 / piece
New drywall (gypsum)

$150 / tonne

  • Minimum fee: $15
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load (included in minimum fee)
  • Declaration and acknowledgement form required, see drywall policy
Used residential drywall (gypsum), delivered by resident $150 / tonne
  • Minimum fee: $15
  • Transaction fee: $5 / load (included in minimum fee)
  • Packaging requirements apply, see drywall policy

 Used drywall from businesses and contractors is not accepted

The complete 2017 tipping fee details are found in Solid Waste Bylaw No. 8417.

How your total fee is calculated

We take the following steps to calculate your disposal fee:

  1. When you arrive, staff ask what items you are dropping off and weigh your vehicle.
  2. You dispose of your items.
  3. Staff weigh your vehicle again, and calculate the weight of the disposed items based on the difference.
  4. You pay your fees before leaving.

Materials accepted for free recycling

 Antifreeze and empty antifreeze containers

​ Books  

​ Cardboard (flatten)

 Cell phones

​ Clothing

​ Cooking oil and grease (maximum 10 L per day)

 Electronics, small appliances, and power tools (maximum 5 large items)

​ Foam packaging

​ Glass bottles and jars

​ Household batteries 

​ Large appliances (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners)

​ Lead acid car and truck batteries

​ Metal containers (cans, tins, foil, empty aerosol cans excluding spray paint cans)

​ Paper containers (tetra-packs, coffee cups)

​ Plastic bags and overwrap

​ Plastic containers (jars, jugs, bottles)

​ Printed paper and paper packaging (newspaper, magazines, catalogues, writing paper, paper bags)

​ Propane tanks (maximum 4 disposable and 2 refillable) 

​ Scrap metal 

​ Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

​ Thermostats

 Tires (passenger or light truck with or without rims, maximum 10)

 Used oil (maximum 15 L), oil filters (maximum 3), and empty oil containers

Materials accepted at other locations

The following materials are not accepted here. They are included in take-back programs and accepted at designated drop-off locations. Use the Waste Wizard to find drop-off locations.

Broken televisions and computer monitors

Flammable liquids

Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes


Paint and empty paint cans


Surcharges for banned materials and unsecured loads

You will pay a surcharge if your garbage load contains banned materials that have not been separated for recycling or proper disposal, or if your load is not secured using tarps or ropes to prevent litter.

Surcharge level Applies to
$65 minimum Garbage loads containing one or more banned hazardous and operational impact or banned product stewardship program materials
50% surcharge

Garbage loads containing banned recyclable materials as follows:

  • 5% or more by weight or volume of one or a combination of cardboard, printed paper, glass bottles and jars, plastic and metal containers, and yard and garden trimmings
  • 10% or more by weight or volume of clean wood waste (decreases to 5% on July 1, 2017)
  • 25% or more by weight or volume of food waste (decreases to 5% on July 1, 2017)
50% surcharge All unsecured loads

Payment options

We accept payment by cash, debit card, cheque, and credit card.

There are conditions when paying with a cheque or credit card, and when dropping items off using a rental vehicle.


Credit card

Rental, out-of-town, and dealer plate vehicles

Sort your load before drop-off to avoid extra fees

If you have a mixed load of items, you may:

  • Weigh in, then drop off one item type at a time, and loop back to the weigh scales after each item is dropped off and fees will be based on each item type
  • Weigh all items at once and dispose of everything at the garbage rate

We encourage you to sort your load before drop-off to ensure you do not have to pay additional fees.

Compost sales at the landfill

Vancouver Landfill composting facility

Compost soil

The Vancouver Landfill composting facility creates compost from yard trimmings for sale and donation. You may pick up compost from the landfill or arrange for delivery.

Facts and figures

Get the facts on the City of Vancouver's solid waste management efforts, and the Vancouver Landfill.

Annual reports

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