View of Hastings Street looking east

Hastings Street and Kiwassa urban design guidelines

The Downtown Eastside (DTES) Plan sets the height and density for new development on Hastings Street and in Strathcona's Kiwassa area.

To guide new development, we're working with DTES communities to prepare the following policies:

  1. Hastings Street Urban Design Framework, including urban design guidelines (Gore Avenue and Clark Drive) and a public realm plan (Richards Street to Clark Drive)
  2. Kiwassa Urban Design Framework, including urban design guidelines and a public realm plan

A vision for Hastings Street and Kiwassa

The vision is to enhance Hastings Street as a "great street" with focused efforts on building vibrant hubs along different sections to meet the needs of DTES communities.

The most significant change to Hastings Street in the DTES Plan is for a new mixed-use neighbourhood in Hastings East. The intent is to add new residential uses, leverage social housing, and add locally-serving retail and services.

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Helen Ma

Planner, Downtown Eastside Planning Group

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Senior Development Planner, Urban Development