Water and sewer connection permits for one- and two-family dwellings and laneway houses

One- and two-family dwellings, and laneway housing projects follow the same water connection permit process.

When you build a new home or do a major renovation, you may be required to install a separated drainage system.

For your reference:

  • A single-family dwelling is a single building which may have a secondary suite or second living unit in the same building.
  • A two-family dwelling or duplex has two units.
  • A laneway house is a second dwelling unit (building) located on the same lot as a single family dwelling.

Where a water and sewer connection permit is required, it forms part of your development/building permit approval.

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The City is here to help

For specific information about your situation, contact the Development and Building Services Centre directly (see contact on this page). Our staff will help you determine which permits you need, and help navigate you through the process, so you can speak to your contractor with confidence.

Submission requirements

Your site survey must conform to our site survey requirements in order to receive your design package, the first step in getting your water and sewer connection permit.

Find out about site survey requirements in Steps for Applying for One and Two Family Dwelling Permits  (69 KB)

Apply for a water and sewer connection permit

Apply in person at Engineering Client Services (see contact on this page) with:

  1. A signed, sealed, and certified legal survey plan prepared by a BC land surveyor
  2. A completed residential site details form  (100 KB)

Process and timeline

There are three steps to the water and sewer connection permit process.

  1. Submit your application in person will all required documents at Engineering Client Services. It will take approximately 10 business days to process your pre-application.
  2. Receive your design package, which:
    • Specifies our proposed sanitary and storm sewer service sizes, location(s), available elevation range, and any pumping requirements of your sanitary and storm sewer
    • Specifies our proposed location of your new water service, including size and estimated water pressures
    • Includes a decal that must appear on your site plan when you submit it to Engineering Client Services for acceptance, and to the Building and Development Services Centre for plan approval. This decal will help you determine what, if any, fixtures you may be required to pump.
  3. Submit your site plan for approval in person to Engineering Client Services. Once approval is received, your plans are ready to be submitted to the Development and Building Services Centre for approval of your building permit.


View the current fee schedule (Bylaw 8093, Schedule A, page 41) PDF file (210 KB)

Pay your water and sewer connection permit fee in person at the Building and Development Services Centre, before your building permit is issued.

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre about building and zoning


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