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property tax

Property taxes are one of the City's biggest revenue sources, and are critical to the health and liveability of our city.

Your tax dollars help pay for many of our essential services, such as police, fire fighting, and emergency rescue.

We also rely on property tax revenues to build stronger communities.

Your payments help us fund our recreation and community centres, libraries, parks, services for the disadvantaged, and much more.

When are property taxes due?

Property taxes are due twice a year in Vancouver:

  • The second business day in February
  • The second business day in July

Keep these dates handy so you can pay on time and avoid the 5% penalty for late payment.

Tax due dates for 2015

Advance taxes:
Tuesday, February 3

Main taxes:
Friday, July 3

Have your taxes increased?

Learn some possible reasons why this happened.

Get your balance and find ways to pay

Pay your taxes

Find out all of the ways you can pay your Vancouver property tax, learn about deferring your taxes, set up a tax installment prepayment plan, and read about penalties and late payments.

Do you qualify for tax savings?

Claiming your home owner grant

The home owner grant program is a provincial program to help reduce the amount of property tax you pay. You must claim the grant each year. Find out if you are eligible, and claim your grant online.

Find or update property details

Managing your account

Change your mailing address, or name on your land title. Find out information about your property, including your assessed property value and your property's legal description. Request a tax certificate.

Billing schedules and replacement bills

Receiving your notice

The City sends out tax notices twice a year by mail. Find out when you will receive your advanced tax and main tax notices, learn how to get your notice electronically, and request a new tax notice.

Do you have questions about your bill or how property taxes work?

tax questions

Understanding your tax bill and property taxes

Learn how to read your main and advance tax notices, and find out about tax rates, land assessment averaging, local improvement charges, and revised taxes.

Have you recently purchased a new house or condo?

tax information for new homeowners

Tax information for new home owners

Find information about property taxes for new owners of a property. Learn about receiving your tax notice, apportionment, and other issues that affect new owners of a property.

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