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Recycling in single family homes and duplexes

Recycling collection for Vancouver residents living in single family homes or duplexes is provided by Recycle BC External website (formerly Multi-Material BC).

Note We no longer collect curbside recycling.

Smithrite Disposal Ltd collects your recycling

Smithrite Disposal Ltd. is Recycle BC’s curbside recycling collection partner in Vancouver.

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm

Phone 604-282-7966 or email recycle@smithrite.com to:

  • Request recycling collection service
  • Ask about your collection schedule 
  • Report a missed pickup
  • Request a new recycling box or bag

About your service

Since 2014, our recycling collection program has been partially funded by Recycle BC. In November 2015, we made the decision to allow Recycle BC to fully fund and provide recycling collection services for Vancouver residents. 

In October 2016, Recycle BC took on full responsibility for Vancouver’s recycling program and we ended our term as their contracted service provider. 

The transition has allowed us to allocate more staff and resources to high-priority programs that are critical to the success of our Greenest City Zero Waste Goal. These programs include:

  • Litter prevention and collection
  • Abandoned and illegally dumped waste
  • New recycling initiatives

About Recycle BC

Recycle BC (formerly Multi-Material BC) is a non-profit organization that is responsible for residential recycling in British Columbia. Recycle BC ensures household recycling is picked up, sorted, and responsibly recycled. Over 1,200 businesses, including retailers, manufacturers, and restaurants fund the Recycle BC program, shifting costs away from homeowners.

Vancouver homeowners will no longer be charged a recycling utility fee for curbside recycling collection and will now receive the basic recycling service at no cost through Recycle BC. 

Recycle BC is funded by retailers, manufacturers, and restaurants, shifting costs away from homeowners.

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