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Diverse communities and multi-culturalism

Diverse communities and multiculturalism

Vancouver is a mix of different religions, abilities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and cultural groups from all over the world and Canada's Aboriginal communities. Staff and Council value this diversity, because it is a source of the city's strength, vitality, and prosperity.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is reflected in our mission statement:

“To create a great city of communities, which cares about its people, its environment, and the opportunities to live, work and prosper.”

To make sure that all of our citizens – regardless of background – have complete access to civic services, and live free of prejudice and discrimination, City staff offer a wide range of programs and support.

Help us update our Gender Equality Strategy

How important is gender equality is to you? What priority actions should we take in our updated Gender Equality Strategy?

Take our Action for Women survey Join our April 19 public forum

Our Gender Equality Strategy PDF file (2 MB) was developed in 2005. Since then, we’ve taken positive actions PDF file (300 KB) to improve representation in the workplace for people who identify as female, and support for women and girls in the community.

City Council has asked us to review and update the strategy to reflect today’s social climate. We’ll work with the Women’s Advisory Committee and other stakeholders to do this.

Programs and Initiatives

Vancouver Immigration Partnership

Learn how we are working with diverse community sectors and organizations to support and integrate newcomers into local communities.

Illuminate City Hall

Apply to light up City Hall for your community's cultural celebration or religious holidays.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a joint partnership with Immigrant Employment Council of BC and is designed to help new immigrants to Vancouver find work that is relevant to their education, skills, and experience.

Restoring Chinatown

The Chinatown revitalization plan will bring residents together to help preserve the area's heritage, while bringing new life to the community.

Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Multicultural Advisory Committee supports diversity and inclusion in Vancouver by working with Council, staff, other agencies, the public, and multicultural groups on key issues.

Political and religious expression

Council encourages religious groups to share their message on City streets, and anyone wanting to place a structure that conveys political expression, by providing them with a free permit.

LGBTQ community

The City actively supports Vancouver's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities through the establishment of the LGBTQ Advisory Committee and participation in Pride Week celebrations.

CitizenU anti-bullying and anti-discrimination

Council is creating a safer, stronger, more inclusive Vancouver, by working with youth and their families to tackle racism, discrimination, and bullying.

Recent employment awards and certifications

  Learn why we were chosen as one of Canada's Greenest Employers for 2014

Vancouver Immigration PartnershipIlluminate City HallMentorship ProgramRestoring ChinatownMulticultural Advisory CommitteePolitical and religious expressionLGBTQ community