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Vancouver City-wide Plan

The Vancouver City-wide Plan will be a strategic, long-range plan that outlines the future for the city. It will reflect the diverse voices of those who live, work, and play here.

The city-wide plan will:

  • Be informed by a collaborative process that engages Vancouver residents, workers, business, and interested groups
  • Create an integrated strategy that includes a vision for the future city
  • Define what kind of city Vancouver will become and how best to tackle key city-wide challenges

We're embarking on the development of a new city-wide plan.

As our city continues to grow, this plan will reflect the needs and voices of all citizens while addressing key social, economic, environmental, cultural, and spatial issues. 

The plan is intended to create a strategy that allows Vancouver to become a more sustainable, inclusive, and affordable city.

The plan will address issues such as long-term land use and transportation directions, housing affordability, environmental and social health, and the need to better leverage long-term public investments.

The plan will build on Vancouver’s legacy of being a progressive and highly-integrated city that creates healthy, livable, sustainable communities.

Draft project timeline

In late fall 2018, City Council directed staff to report back on a work plan to develop a new city-wide plan. Council noted the need to launch a robust and collaborative engagement process with the public to develop a vision for the future city.

Staff will be reporting back to Council in summer 2019 on how to structure this work and involve Vancouverites in shaping our future together. It is anticipated that this work will kick-off in the fall of 2019.  

We want you to be part of the process

Your input will shape both the planning process and the outcomes of the Vancouver City-wide Plan.

This process offers an exciting opportunity to establish a new standard for community involvement and meaningful civic engagement placing residents and their stories at the centre of this effort.

Over the next three years, there will be multiple opportunities to get involved in this process. Sign up below for email updates, and help us shape the future of Vancouver.

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