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 Coming October 3, 2016: change in recycling service providers 

We are transitioning your recycling services to Multi-Material BC (MMBC). MMBC's selected supplier for the majority of multi-family buildings is Waste Management Canada. Some multi-family buildings, depending on location, will be serviced by Smithrite Disposal Ltd.

As part of the transition, buildings that do not yet have separate glass collection will  be receiving new containers for glass bottles and jars.

There is no immediate action required on your part. Select Recycling from the services below for details.

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Starting October 3, 2016, recycling collection services for multi-family buildings will be provided by Multi-Material BC (MMBC) . MMBC’s selected supplier for the majority of multi-family buildings is Waste Management Canada. Some multi-family buildings, depending on location, will be serviced by Smithrite Disposal Ltd.

You can confirm your building’s service provider by entering your address at MMBC's website or by downloading the MMBC app (details for Vancouver available starting in September 2016).

Notification letters were sent to all building and property managers earlier this summer, and packages including information for building residents are also being delivered.

Get details on:

  1. Fees
  2. Service changes
  3. Access to recycling carts in secured areas only
  4. Selecting a different service provider
  5. Who to contact
  6. Why we are transitioning responsibility for recycling collection to MMBC
  7. About MMBC


Base level weekly recycling collection will continue after the transition at no charge.

Charges may be applied by the new service provider if you are receiving or wish to receive additional services, such as:

  • Weekly pull-out service of recycling carts (if distance is more than 30 m)
  • Collection service more frequently than once a week
  • Additional or replacement carts

You will no longer be charged by us for recycling service on your City utility bill or property taxes.

Service changes

Service changes that may affect your building starting October 3, 2016, are:

  • Collection dates: new collection calendars will be mailed by MMBC in September.
  • Cart pullout service: if the City has been providing you with this extra service, the new service provider will contact you about continuing it. 
  • Glass recycling: new recycling carts and boxes for separate collection of glass bottles and jars will be delivered. Information materials will also be provided. Until you see a glass collection cart or grey box at your building, continue to place glass bottles and jars in the mixed containers cart. 

There are no changes to City garbage or green bin/organics services and the current City collection calendar remains in effect for those materials.

Access to recycling carts in secured areas only

To make this transition seamless we will transfer possession of the key, fob, or security code for your secured recycling area directly to MMBC's service provider before October 3.

If you prefer to transfer the key, fob, or security code directly, phone 3-1-1 to ask to have it returned to you.

If we return it to you, you will be responsible for contacting the new service provider and transferring possession of the key, fob, or code.

Selecting a different service provider

If you select a different service provider, please note:

  • You will be opting out of the MMBC program and your recycling costs will not be offset by MMBC.
  • You will be responsible for negotiating rates and contract terms with any new service provider.
  • You will need new recycling carts, for which there may be a fee.
  • Your existing carts are currently City property and will be retrieved by MMBC, their service provider, or us.
  • Your new hauler may use a different sorting system and collect different materials. It is your responsibility to ensure their services meet your needs.
  • You will need to notify us before October 1 by phoning 3-1-1. After October 1, notify your new service provider.

 Under our Solid Waste Bylaw, every property in Vancouver is required to have a recycling program in place.

Who to contact

Up to and including September 30, 2016, phone 3-1-1.

After October 3, 2016, contact your new service provider. MMBC will mail or deliver information packages in September, including new customer service contact details.

Why we are transitioning recycling collection services to MMBC

We joined the MMBC program in May 2014 and, like many communities in the province, were receiving a financial incentive from MMBC to manage our own recycling collection.

We decided in November 2015 to transition recycling collection directly to MMBC. 

The transition allows us to allocate more staff and resources to other high-priority programs that are critical to the success of our Greenest City Zero Waste Goal, such as:

  • Litter prevention and collection
  • Abandoned and illegally dumped waste
  • New recycling initiatives

About MMBC

MMBC is responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout most of British Columbia.

Their program is funded by the businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents, shifting recycling costs away from taxpayers.

Visit the MMBC website 




We collect garbage in wheeled garbage carts from a small number of multi-unit residential buildings.

Currently, we are not accepting new customers for this service.

We don't offer garbage dumpster service.

Hire a private hauler to collect your building's garbage.


Food scraps

Food scraps

 Food scraps are banned by both the City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver regional district from disposal as garbage.

That means all food scraps – raw and cooked food, plate scrapings, leftovers, expired food, meat, bones, and dairy products – need to be recycled.

Recycling food scraps reduces garbage and greenhouse gases, and creates compost for local agriculture.

Start a collection program now

Do we already collect your building's garbage or yard waste? We can also collect food scraps from your building. To inquire, phone 3-1-1.

Otherwise, hire a private hauler or compost food scraps on-site.

Get resources to start a collection program

Visit Metro Vancouver’s website  for how-to guides, tips, posters, and signs.


Yard waste

Yard waste

We collect yard trimmings in wheeled Green Bins from a small number of multi-unit residential buildings.

Do we already collect your building's garbage? We can also collect yard trimmings from your building. To inquire, phone 3-1-1.

Otherwise, hire a private hauler.


Resources for managing waste at your building

Multi-family Recycling Toolkit

Access tools and resources to improve recycling in your apartment building or condo on Metro Vancouver's website.

Garbage bins and Green Bins

Order a garbage or Green Bin, and find suggested sizes for your needs. Order more bins, change the size of your bin, exchange or repair damaged bins.

Flat rates

Find out what the rates are for flat rate utilities in Vancouver.

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